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2024 EUROPEAN CUP to Hebei National Normal University to inspect and exchange education and teaching review and evaluation

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In order to do a good job in the review and evaluation of education, teaching and teaching in our college,April 26th-27th,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Dean Wang Na、Deputy Dean Xu Guanglin led a team to visit Hebei National Teachers College,In -depth conducting study and exchange activities。Hebei National Teachers College 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Dean Wang Xueyu、Secretary Wang Chengshan's leadership team warmly welcomed the visiting team of our hospital。

This inspection activity aims to absorb the advanced experience and maturity of Hebei National Normal University in education, teaching review and evaluation,To improve the overall teaching quality of our hospital,Make sure our hospital can be high standard、High -quality pass the new round of review and evaluation。

On the morning of April 27th,The inspection team visited multiple teaching venues at Hebei National Teachers College,Detailed learned about them before education and teaching review and evaluation、Middle、A series of preparations in the later period。Interpretation of the indicators of the two sides around the review and evaluation、Data collection and finishing、Teaching process monitoring、Teaching Quality Evaluation、The establishment of the improvement mechanism has been exchanged。Both parties shared them in detail at the symposium to build their own science、Innovative measures and practical experience in the refined teaching quality guarantee system,Focus on how to combine the characteristics of teachers,Reinforcement of teacher education skills training,Optimized curriculum structure settings。

Through this survey exchange,Our hospital's understanding of the full cycle management process of education and teaching review and evaluation is more in -depth,I found out the space and development direction,provides strong theoretical support and practical reference for the next educational teaching reform and review and evaluation of 2024 EUROPEAN CUP。