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2024 EUROPEAN CUP2024 Normal Student Exemptation Determination of Primary and Middle School Teachers Qualification Occupation Professional Ability Test (Interview) is successfully held

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April 28,2024 EUROPEAN CUP2024 Normal Student Exempted Test recognition of Primary and Middle School Teachers Gessor Power Exam。This teacher student exemption is determined to determine the vocational ability of primary and secondary school teachers to qualify for professional ability written test work in4month14Day by the school uniformly arranged。This interview test was organized by each college,to ensure that each candidate can be professional、Show your own education and teaching ability in a fair environment。Our hospitalLevel 2020 English (Normal University) A total of 27 candidates participated in this interview test。

The college attaches great importance to this teaching interview test,Established the dean Wang Na as the team leader,The leadership team of the leadership team as a member,Strictly benchmarking the qualification examination of primary and secondary school teachers in the national primary and secondary school,Hold a meeting multiple times,For exam arrangements、Interview Organization、Examination training and other related tasks conduct in -depth and detailed discussion、Research。At the same time,The college established the examination work group,Call a group of volunteers,Clarified the detailed workflow and the responsibilities of the staff,Make sure the interview is smooth。