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Yulin Conference,Dubbing Athletic -20124 EUROPEAN CUP holds a dubbing competition

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In order to stimulate the enthusiasm of students to learn English,Improve oral expression ability,Strengthen professional literacy,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Student Union inOn the afternoon of April 24, 2024EnglishDubbing Competition

In this event,The students are full of spirit,Use smooth English and vivid performances,I brought an audiovisual feast to the audience。Some students chose the classic movie clips to dub,shows superb imitation techniques; Some students chose animated short films,Gives the character's new vitality with a tender voice。The atmosphere at the scene is warm,Continuous applause。At the end of the event,The judges have selected excellent individuals and teams based on the performance of the contestants,and give commendation

Here is the award list of this competition:

First Prize Jiang Mengni Zhang Ludan Wang Xinya

Second Prize Li Keying

       Wang Yan Liu Xinyue Lu Tianzi

Third Prize Zhang Jiayi Wu Mengyu

       Shen Xinyu Liu Zeyu

       Zhang Xinru Fan Mengyao Li Xiaodi

Success of this English dubbing competition,Not only does it provides students with a platform to show themselves,It has also improved its English speaking level and self -confidence,Created a good learning atmosphere。2024 EUROPEAN CUP will continue to host such activities,Provide more opportunities for students' English learning and personal development!