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Experience Experience Sharing (4) - Sun Yishuang: Goodbye teenager full bow,Don’t be afraid of time, not afraid of the wind

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Goodbye teenager full bow

Don’t be afraid of time, not afraid of the wind

On the road full of thorns

There is such a bright lamp

The direction of illuminating countless postgraduate students

Name: Sun Yishuang

Class:Level 20 English

Admission College: Tianjin Foreign Language University

Admissions: English Language Literature

Preparation process:

Politics:Suggestion refer to the core exam,Combined with Teacher Xu Tao's online lesson for systematic learning。At the same time,Supplement1000 questions to practice,To test the learning results。Sprint stage,Xiao Sihaba is an indispensable review information,Focus on recitation,Deepen memory。other,Sprint Recitation Manual and various simulation questions are also important assistance for preparation,helps to check the leakage supplement,Improve testing efficiency。In the early stage of preparation,Should focus on the foundation,After learning a chapter of each chapter,Corresponding to the practice of completing a chapter,Remember the knowledge points by doing questions,and reflect on the cause of the error。During the sprint stage,You can use a fragmented time to recite with it,To make full use of time。Generally speaking,Choosing a teacher and learning method that suits you is very important,At the same time, pay attention to doing questions and simulation exercises,Keep leakage and supplement,To comprehensively improve the effect of political preparation。

Two foreign Japanese: It is recommended to use "New Bid Emperor Up and down"、"New Bid Intermediate Advance1、2 "as the main textbook,and combined with Teacher Yuanyuan's online lesson for in -depth study。At the same time,To test the learning results,You can use the "Synchronous Test Volume" and various exercises for exercises。

Early stage of learning in Japanese,Also need to pay attention to the foundation。It is recommended that every chapter after listening to a course,Complete the corresponding exercise questions in time,to deepen the understanding and memory of knowledge points。Japanese as a language,You need to invest a lot of time and energy for learning and consolidation,Therefore, it is recommended to start preparing as soon as possible,so as to leave more time for subsequent professional courses。

other,Language learning needs continuous accumulation and practice。In addition to completing the exercise question,Also pay attention to speaking and hearing exercises,By imitation、Follow reading and other methods to improve your sense of language。At the same time,Pay attention to thinking summary when doing the question,Take notes,so as to quickly review and consolidate knowledge points when reviewing in the future。

After the basic knowledge is completed,Need to be reviewed regularly,Prevent forgetting。Since then,It can be targeted according to the test type type,Further improve the learning effect。Through continuous efforts and accumulation,I believe you will be able to achieve excellent Japanese results。

Professional class: The requirements of different schools may be different,Therefore, it is recommended to refer to the information provided by the school and related experience stickers for targeted preparation。Take basic English and translation as an example,During the test preparation process, we should pay attention to the improvement of the basic English ability and the mastery of translation skills。

In basic English preparation,First of all, pay attention to the accumulation of vocabulary。You can choose a specialty four、Specialty Eight andGRE and other vocabulary books to learn,You can also use your mobile app for words to recite words。other,Grammar learning is also an indispensable part,You can pass the special four、Specialty Books of Specialty Books to systematically learn and practice。At the same time,The improvement of reading ability is also the key,You can read the special eight reading materials and foreign journals,Learn novel expression,Improve reading speed and accuracy。Many public accounts also provide rich English learning resources,You can use it reasonably,Increase the fun and practicality of learning。

In the translation preparation,In addition to mastering basic translation skills,It should also pay attention to the accumulation of practical experience。You can translate some classic articles or sentences,Improve your translation level and expression ability。At the same time,It is also necessary to pay attention to translation needs and specifications in different fields,To better cope with the exam and future work。Second,Reading is focusing on translation and writing ability,At the same time of accumulation, you need to write it for exercisesYou can learn translation skills in the early stage,Summarize the laws,After learning these techniques, practice after learningTranslation can not be improved in the short term,It is a result of accumulated resultsThink about how to use words in the translation,After the translation, we must summarize how to translate more perfectly。For writing,Reading foreign journals and essays and accumulating expression is a good way to improve,Pay attention to accumulating recitation in the early stage,In the later period, you can invest regular writing exercises。Except for paper exercises,Some public accounts have also promoted the practice of writing。

Whether it is basic English or translation preparation,All need to work hard and learn。I am studying,Don't forget to review and consolidate what you have learned,You can develop a review plan,To what extent to.,to ensure the firm grasp of the knowledge points。Both professional courses are related to English,The most important thing is accumulation、Use、Practice、Summary。

Preparation Experience:

1. Formulate a reasonable learning plan.

Arrange the learning content of each day,The most important efficiency,Don’t excessively compare time。Time can urge learning,But be sure to do your own learning plan,To ensure efficiency!

2. Adjust the mood

The whole process is inevitable to have pressure,But be sure to learn to relax,Good mood will encourage us to keep going,Don't be too anxious! Just work hard!,Can guarantee the after -learning efficiency after more guarantee。

3. Persistence is victory

Postgraduate entrance examination is not just a process of learning knowledge,It is also a process of hone your will。The process is long,Perseverance until the end is victory,No matter what difficulties are in the middle,​​Don't give up in the end! Believe that you will win!,Please firmly believe,Dawn Federation is coming,Every step we have taken is calculated,The future after hard work will be a dazzling world!