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Graduate experience sharing (5) -Chen Lin: It is today,Mountains and River Star Moon are all congratulatory gifts

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Better Gan is today,Mountains and River Star Moon are all congratulatory gifts。Students work hard for the postgraduate entrance examination with enough patience and perseverance、Go to ideal、Successful above

Name: Chen Lin

Admission College: Yanshan University

Admissions major: Marxist theory

Admission scores:355

a,School selection

After the professional,You can refer to the book for reference bibliography at the beginning of the school at the beginning of the school、Number of admission people、Admission score line, etc. to further determine the university that you like,Once determined,Don't change easily。

two,Discipline analysis

1. English

English can be said to run through the entire learning process from the beginning of preparation,In the early stage, there are even more than professional courses,This is normal。Recommended wordsapp learning,Reading Recommendation and learning with Teacher Tang Chi,Grammar Recommended Teacher Tian Jing,Composition Recommended Teacher Shi Lepeng,Small Sanmen (End+Translation+New Question) You can choose the one that suits you。You can brush a few more times,Answer logic of key training reading。

2. Politics

Politics Recommended summer vacation to learn about Xu Tao's "Core Case" online lesson,With Xiao Xiurong's1000 Questions,1000 questions can be brushed several times in the applet。Late teachers (Xiao Xiurong、Xu Tao、Leg Sister, etc.) After the betting questions),It is recommended to brush the choice questions on the applet。After Xiao Si came out,Directly memorize a big question (must be carried)。

3. Professional class

Yanshan University Marxist theory majorThe reference book in early 2023 is 4 books,2024 is 8 copies,Mainly increased the inspection of the original work。So in the normal endorsement process,It is recommended to combine the three basic books with the works involved or the book in the reference book.,and accumulate a lot of time politics。In the later period, you can search for a variety of questions on the Internet or go out for a few sets of papers。

3, other suggestions

1. You can contact a direct school sister or senior,But to be vigilant。

2. You can add some groups related to the professional application,Follow some related public accounts,But learn to screen information,Don't blindly believe it,Blind anxiety,Blindly follow the wind。

3. Learn to enjoy loneliness.

4. If you feel that your condition is wrong,Be sure to stop,Time to adjust。

Four, Sister Sister

Keep a peaceful mentality,Don't give up at less than the last moment,Persistence until the end is victory。