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Graduate Experience Sharing (Six) -Wang Xiaoyu: Luke is long and far away,I will seek up and down

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Road is long and far away,I will seek up and down。Successful postgraduate entrance examination is by no means easy,Methods and hard work is indispensable。Let's take a look at the successful deeds of Wang Xiaoyu's postgraduate entrance examination!

Name: Wang Xiaohan

Admission College: Xi'an Foreign Language University

Admissions majors: Foreign Linguistics and Application Linguistics

Admission score: Total score of the initial test377,Among them, political 58 points,74 points for two foreign Japanese,Linguistics 127,Basic English 118。

Preparation of each subject

two foreign Japanese:

Books used: On the width day, in the intermediate level, the red blue treasure book is a thousand questions.

My Japanese is almost0 basics,This year's Western Western Japanese change is relatively large,So I am still very satisfied with the score that I can take this。Western Outer Japanese has been self -proposition a few years ago,The difficulty of learning almost N3。

in23 years of winter vacation,I started Japanese learning。Basically, it is a two -day class to take a lesson,But the progress was very slow at that time,So in April 23rd,I carried the word to lesson 6。Later, I realized that the progress was too slow,speed up the speed,One lesson one day,Add back words。In July,I finished the junior。At the end of July, hurry up and read the online class and intermediate online lessons,Then start recitation。

Because I haven't been exposed to Japanese before,Back words and grammar are very difficult,There is no good trick for this door,The only way is to repeat,Repeated back。Always remember one day。​​When there is still 50 days from the exam,,I still have a lot of mistakes when I do simulate the syntax。So I start to read Japanese grammar loudly every day,One day3 or more,Repeat continuously,This has improved。At this time,To consolidate your grammar,I start a lesson a day of red blue treasure book,Just do grammar questions,Organize the wrong syntax on A4 paper,Keep remembering constantly。After finishing it, I consolidated for the second time。

When there is still a month before the exam, I registered"Roman British Tea Special" sprint simulation question,Set on Monday,Time to complete,Listen to the teacher’s live explanation。The same,Accumulate the wrong question,The knowledge point appearing in the wrong question is to review very precious information before the exam。

Basic English:

Books used: Rulous Water Specialty Eight Vocabulary、Star Fire College Eight Read、Specialty Eight True Questions、Zhang Peiji prose translation、100 articles on the eighth examination,Gu Jiabei IELTS Writing

Basic English preparation is a long -term process. fromStarting in December 22 years,I insisted on memorizing words with software。Not much time every day in the early days,About twenty minutes,Summer vacation from 23 years,I will memorize one hour of words a day。Back words, everyone must persist,The harvest that will be unexpected for a long time。

Reading:From23 years of spring,I will do a special reading a day,I have always insisted on before the exam。A lot of errors at the beginning,Don't worry,Slowly it will be effective! I didn’t ignore the wrong questions,I did not accumulate words that I didn't know,Don't learn me,Be sure to find out unknown words that appear in the question,Back down。I am the Star Fire read first,Next is a special question,Must take timely。

Translation:Translation is the most important thing is to keep the hand feel,My practice frequency is three days and one paragraph,It will be difficult when the translation is first started,You can compare your translation and original text,Accumulate good words and good sentences,Strive to be able to use it in your own translation。Recommended hereB station UP Lord: Uncle Xiao Yang,He will update the video of the translation,You can see it。

Writing:Writing must practice more and write more。Because I have read the online lesson when preparing for the four,There is a certain writing foundation,So I started preparing for the test and writing isAugust,I think it's all too late。At the beginning, I read the online lesson of the IELTS essay,Form a certain writing idea,Then start practicing。I remember when I write the first article,Not 400 words,I found a school sister to help me correct,She provided me with some modification suggestions。Write a big composition for a week after a week,Also looking for a school sister for correction。With her help,I wrote about the sixth chapter,It's very silky,The writing is also very smooth。The small composition of basic English is the same as a letter composition written in high school,This does not need to spend too much time。You can buy a "Gu Jiabei IELTS Writing",Keep the hand feel to practice according to the question inside。


Books used: Star Fire Linguistics、Dai Weidong's "New Linguistics Course"、Hu Zhuanglin Linguistics Book Fifth Edition。

Linguistics is a discipline that I have used for the longest time, from23 years of winter vacation, I read the book from Dai Weidong,Hu Wan just watched a little。After the start of school, I will look at it one after another,I have been reading this book after I saw the summer vacation。Everyone must read Hu Wu's book,When reading the first time, you can slow down the speed,But be sure to understand specific knowledge points,To mention a concept, you can tell about the meaning,This will save a lot of time for future recitation。I found a school sister who went ashore while preparing for the linguistics of the exam,Every time I read a book, she will take me to the focus of this chapter,Then I will read my own notes and the framework of each chapter while reading,This is the information I recite。

After the start of the summer vacation,I hurriedly read two English books in July,Then start reciting my key notes in mid -to -late July。The progress is very slow when the first pass,A4 paper size four -page note,I use one and a half hours or more。The knowledge point of the first pass is about one and a half months。The second pass is slightly easier than the first pass,but not much easy,Because I have forgotten。This time it took about a month。I have carried less than seven times in total,It is easier when it is back to the fourth time,But there are still a lot of knowledge points before the exam. Remember not to be firm。Enter December,I did two sets of simulation questions,But I am not very ideal,Some concepts have been seen but can’t be written,Fortunately, the question is relatively smooth during the exam,So this door is also a bit lucky。

For linguistics,The detours I have passed are the incomplete understanding of the first time reading,Everyone must be fastened。The pressure in the later period will be much smaller。Another is,Start recitation as soon as possible,The best back10 times,It can be easily repeated after mentioning a concept,This can only be written in the examination room。

The most important thing for postgraduate entrance examination is persistence and effort,​​This is a long -lasting battle,I will win until the end。I hope everyone can receive the admission notice from the ideal school,Come on。