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2024 EUROPEAN CUP teachers and students went to Beijing to start a trainee activity

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May 8, 2024,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch Liu Wenhui、Deputy Dean Xu Guanglin led the 2021 business English major teachers and students,I came to the Kaishang Group in Shunyi, Beijing,Carry out trainee activities。

Wang Jiuxing, the owner of the Linking Group、General Manager Wang Open、Director of the Marketing Department Zhang Huijie、Sales Manager Xiao Mingyue and other enthusiastically received the visiting teachers and students。General Manager of Wang Open first introduced the development process of the starting group to the teachers and students、The current situation and development trend of the production and sales of corporate culture and medical beauty machinery。He said,Line Group has always adhered to"Quality First、Customer first "business philosophy,Dedicated to provide customers with high -quality products and services。At the same time,He also extended a warm welcome to the arrival of teachers and students,And look forward to deepening the cooperation and exchanges between schools and enterprises through this activity。In the subsequent visit,,Teachers and students have in -depth research and development departments and sales departments,Witnessing medical beauty machinery from design、The entire process of sales。At the same time,Teachers and students have also conducted in -depth exchanges with employees of the Hushi Group。

This trainee not only gives students a deeper understanding of foreign trade business,It also allows them to have a clearer direction for future career planning。Students have said,This event is very abundant,Not only increased knowledge、Greed the vision,It also inspired their enthusiasm and interest in business English major。

2024 EUROPEAN CUP Deputy Secretary of the Party Branch Liu Wenhui said,This trainee is an important part of the training of business English professionals,It aims to visit and communicate through field visits,Let students better understand the business model and market demand,Improve students' practical ability and employment competitiveness。At the same time,He also hopes that both schools and enterprises can further strengthen cooperation and exchange,Jointly promote talent training and industry development。

Wang Kai, the general manager of the Lyrene Group, also said,This trainee provides valuable communication opportunities for the school and enterprises,Let them understand the teaching characteristics and student quality of 2024 EUROPEAN CUP。He expects to carry out more forms of cooperation and communication with 2024 EUROPEAN CUP。

The 2024 EUROPEAN CUP teachers and students went to the SAIC Group to carry out a trainee activity,Not only does it provide students with a understanding industry、Platform contact with the enterprise,It also laid a solid foundation for the cooperation and exchanges between the schools and enterprises。I believe that with the joint efforts of both parties,In the future, there will be more excellent business English major graduates in the field of foreign trade,Contribute to the development of the industry。