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Experience Experience Sharing (7)-Yang Zheng: The time to look at the future may be lonely and long,Fortunately, after the hard work, the income is clear

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Time to look at the future may be lonely and long,Fortunately, after the hard work, the income is clear。This brave and fearless you,Real light,dazzling but not tie eyes。

1. Personal information

Name: Yang Zheng

Class:Level 20 English

Admission College: Capital Normal University

Admissions: Discipline English

Admission scores:404 points (National Line: 350 points、College Line: 363 points)

2, award certificate

National Scholarship; School -level second -class scholarship; school -level three good students; school -level outstanding student cadres;

University English Level 46; High School English Teacher Qualification Certificate; Level 4 Certificate of English Professional (Good);

3, preparation experience


Information: Xu Tao's core exam+enhanced class, with Xiao Xiurong 1000 questions

I amStart listening to the class in July to do questions,About 1.5-2 hours a day。1000 Questions can do the corresponding chapter on the second day of the lesson after brushing a lesson,This will review yesterday's knowledge by the way,If you do the questions, you must ensure that there is an impression。

Brush 1000 questions in mid -September,Then then then brush the second time,It took about one and a half months,Pneumatic time can brush the third time,Package time can brush the WeChat mini program "Cang Shield"。

November Xiao Bayi only made a choice question,brushed two or three times,Big questions can look at the answer (My first set of Xiao Bayi 50 points, even guessing with 18 points,But if you are not too ideal, don't worry about it,After the question + the correct rate of back tactics, I feel very useful! At that time, you can search for Xiaohongshu,Selected questions analysis I saw Su Yi's summary,It will integrate relevant knowledge points。

In December, Xiao Si has to do it quickly,Big questions can memorize the "Research Muyuzi" in the color version,I brushed it twice for the choice questions; the legs four、Mi Liu and Xu Tao 6 sets of questions each brushed once each,Anyway, when the final politics, I will brush the choice questions

Others can follow the public account of Xu Tao and Xiao Xiurong,They will also answer questions。

Professional Course II (876 English discipline teaching)

Two -language acquisition:

1、When I learned this book in the early stage, I mainly understand,I read at least 3 times on the Internet lesson (Points of the 1st Timing + understanding,In -depth understanding,For the third time, check the missing omissions + understanding),If you don’t understand, go to the online course and understand,After reading it。Be sure to think while understanding,Combining theory with actuality。Example、Contact hotspot、Contact yourself (for example, C4 Learner Differentcess) can help。After reviewing the content of the day, you must think of it,Form a framework in your head。You can recall the content of the previous day the next day,Draw the framework,Unexpicious places are empty first,Finally, use different colors of pens。Try to tell about the general meaning when I refine it to recall (when answering the knowledge after answering the knowledge, you will find that the framework is really useful)。

2、. I finished my two words in the first round、There is no review when the school flow faction,There is no impression when I read it later,Therefore,Keep feeling。

3、The recitation starts from July (I start to feel a bit of myself from the beginning to the third time,After I memorized it a lot of times until the end of November, I felt transparent) I recite it similar to the page in the book in my mind,Imagine the picture in the book when the back of the book,This sentence is here,That sentence is there; when there is a lot of questions, you can think of some formulas that can help memory (use the first letter to connect the phrase and the like)。

4、The most proportion of the book of the second language,Some points and genres can also be connected,Be sure to master the carpet。

All recitation content must be understood and then back,I will follow the original back,After some accumulation, you can say a little, you don't have to pursue the back of the original words。I will feel that it is difficult to memorize English at first,It can be slowed down but must not stop,Persistence is victory,In the end, in fact, my favorite back is876.

876 Question is getting more and more flexible,I will not test the dead back,So be sure to think,For example, when the answer is summarized, you can add your own opinions and some revelations ... If you have time, you can pay attention to the discipline hotspots and read some related documents,Accumulated corpus and some universal talks。I started systematic questions from late October,Key to pay attention to answering questions must be split,Reasonable layout of typography,Clarifying Thinking,Summary experience。

Adjust the mentality when the last exam is answered,Easy to let go,Bold to express your thoughts!

Send a message: Determination, firm confidence, and perseverance.

Mind must be positive! Try to enjoy this process, because"The moment when the dream realizes is just a short moment,And your life is not a moment,The only way to truly realize all dreams is,Enjoy every step of the journey! "

Believe in yourself and review solidly, you must be a graduate student!