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Experimental Experience Sharing (8)-Night will inevitably dark and cool,There will be no dawn in the way forward

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Night is inevitable black and cold,There will be no dawn in the way forward。Examination,Never happened overnight。This along the way,There are mountains and water reciprocating,Also see Liu Dark Flower... I will share with you the postgraduate experience of Zhao Changchang's postgraduate entrance examination。

Name: Zhao Changchang

Class:Level 22 to this class 1

Admission School: Hebei Normal University

Admission majors; discipline English

Admission scores:386 (National Line 350)

Preparation of various subjects


Public account:Postgraduate politics Xu Tao, Cang Shield Application

Paper Book:Xu Tao's core exam, Xiao Si Xiao Ba Xiao1000

Politics I start preparing for the exam from August,Basically stay every day2 hours is enough,Time can be arranged at night,Look at Xu Tao's online class with Xiao 1000。If the time is sufficient in the later period,You can brush Xu Tao more in the Cang Shield Mini Program、Forecast questions of leg sisters and Xiao Xiurong。Shi Gang's knowledge points are trivial,It can be sorted out in normal questions,Review again before the test。The focus focuses on Xiao 4,Must be back! Time is enough to string the big questions in Xiao Ba。


APP:Scallops words

Paper Book:Tian Jing sentence true research, the truth of postgraduate entrance examination

Breeding words every day is essential,Be sure to persist。From April, watch Tian Jing's long and difficult sentence (you can choose to watch by the speed according to the situation),The reading and new question types of English are generally simpler,It can start every day from April1-2 articles,You can brush in the later period。Composition can choose online lessons and teachers according to your own situation,What I see is Teacher Shi Lepeng's,Be sure to write it yourself,Can't just rely on watching the Internet class。

Professional lesson333

Paper Book:Dandan family barrel

333 After changing it to the unified exam, I followed Teacher Dan Dan,From the exam questions,The lesson told by Teacher Dandan is still very close,And after listening to Dandan’s online classes, it will be very clear。The question after the unified examination is active,Can't just rely on dead memories,Be sure to understand。Selected questions I have done 311 in the previous period,But 311 is more difficult,Don't over -care, error rate。In the later stage, you can do the choice questions for each institutional simulation volume。

333 recitation:

In the early stage, you can match Dandan’s online lesson,Understand knowledge points,Sorting logic,Be sure to give out a framework。I basically memorize a section after listening to a section,Do not have a word one by one when the back,The focus is on the frame and title,Explaining can be reasonable in combination with your own understanding。The next day after the back is finished, you can make a simple review and deepen memory。I usually check my recitation of my previous day through the default framework。The first round must be a solid back,Otherwise, the third round will be very difficult。

Must be used well in the summer vacation, I usually leave it in the morning333,About four hours a day,You can brush a selection question。333 Selection questions Error rate should be controlled within 5,If more than 5, you need to reflect on whether your basic knowledge is solid。

Pay attention to the output in the later stage,Can't only endorse。See a discussion question,Should I understand which dimensions of the dimensions from。The big questions of each simulation volume do not have to do all,Choose a few sets of cost -effective mold test,In the mold test, not only should we pay attention to the knowledge of knowledge,Also pay attention to answering the format and typesetting。

333 Do not deliberately pursue a few rounds,Every round must have your own focus,Each round of eclipse。

Professional Course 2907

Paper Book:The designated book on the official website is Hu Zhuanglin Linguistics Fourth Edition and Wang Qiang Teaching Law,In addition907 will also investigate the lesson plans and curriculum,These two points are 75 points,You must not be ignored in the preparation of the exam。

Linguistics can be matched with the Chinese version and star fire linguistics test spots and refined clarification frameworks,Easy to recite。907 I also memorize a unit after learning a unit,Recitation time in the afternoon,About two or three days a unit。back to the backPost -You can reasonable the framework,Not very fine。Linguistics is the British Book,It's boring,The first round of recitation is painful,But be sure to be solid,Foundation,The later period will become faster and faster。Basically, in the fourth round, I can finish writing a noun explanation and discussion。Be sure to output after the linguistic backward,Strange words appearing in the text will be read and write。I usually write the back of the day in the form of text,No need to be very fine,This process helps to check the missing and supplement。Review the next day。

During the summer vacation, lesson plans writing and curriculum recitation must also be arranged,Teaching plans include reading lessons、Listening Lesson、grammar class, etc.,You can observe the excellent lesson plan,Summary highlights。Be sure to design a few articles by yourself,Every class must know how to write。

Curriculum standards have been a must -have for the Normal University in previous years,But it was changed to Wang Qiang's teaching method last year,So I suggest that both of them do not relax their vigilance,Wang Qiang's teaching method must look at more when you have time,It is also helpful for our design lesson plan。

Message: The process of postgraduate entrance examination is very long and painful,I hope everyone should try their minds as much as possible,You can relax after learning for a while。Don't compare with others,Fast learning does not mean that it is good,Slowly learning does not mean that it cannot be passed,I hope everyone will not be overly anxious,Each round of every round。Last,I want to tell everyone,Postgraduate entrance examination is also an information war,You must collect more information when selecting a school major,Understanding the reimbursement ratio of the application school,score line and recording ratio。