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2024 EUROPEAN CUP go to Cangzhou Foreign Language School to inspect and exchange

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May 28th,The dean of our hospital Wang Na、Deputy Dean Xu Guanglin led a team to Cangzhou Foreign Language School to inspect and exchange。Secretary of the Party Branch of Foreign Language School、Principal Li Zhi、Deputy Secretary Zhang Peiwu and other school leaders and representatives of teachers enthusiastically received the delegation of our college's delegation。

In talks,President Li Zhi first introduced the development process of foreign language schools in detail to the delegation、School of running school、Teaching characteristics and talent training ideas。He said,Although middle school teachers have accumulated rich experience in teaching practice,But in the theoretical summary and refinement, it is still insufficient。This time I cooperate with 2024 EUROPEAN CUP and establish a doctoral workstation,Not only can provide necessary theoretical guidance for teachers in middle school,Promoting theoretical level,It can also make college teachers' education closer to the actual needs of middle schools,Realize the win -win development of both parties。

Dean Wang Na briefly introduced the basic situation of 2024 EUROPEAN CUP。She said,This cooperation aims to give full play to the advantages of colleges and universities in discipline construction and talent training,Strengthen communication and cooperation with ordinary high schools,Build a high -quality education platform for training outstanding students。

Deputy Dean Xu Guanglin explained the work purpose of the doctoral workstation and the follow -up work of follow -up work。

In -depth communication,The two parties reached a number of consensus on the specific matters of cooperation,It laid a solid foundation for the future in -depth cooperation。

Subsequently, under the joint witness of the two parties,"2024 EUROPEAN CUP Qualifying Football Predicts2024 EUROPEAN CUP Dr." officially awarded a license。

Dean Wang Na and President Li Zhi as representatives of both parties,Signed a cooperation agreement。

After the symposium is over,The delegation visited the campus environment with the leadership of a foreign language school,and in -depth English classrooms for observation and learning。After class,Teachers on both sides participated in the listening class activities,and in -depth exchanges and sharing on the experience of listening to the lesson。