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Legal protection intellectual property rights, innovation leads social development

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General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized:"To improve the level of rule of law protection。"" my country is changing from intellectual property introduction to large powers to intellectual property creation.,Intellectual property work is changing from the pursuit of quantity to improving quality。2022,798,000 pieces of the authorized invention patents,Patent ownership of high -value invention per 10,000 population reaches 9.4 cases。Further strengthen the protection of the rule of law of intellectual property,For the enthusiasm of inspiring innovation subject、It is important to improve my country's economic competitiveness and other aspects。

Strengthen the protection of the rule of law of intellectual property,Can effectively stimulate innovation and creative vitality。The original intention of protecting intellectual property,It is to return to innovation in various forms。Current,my country's patent application quantity ranks the world's leading position,But there is still much room for improvement in patent conversion and practical applications。On the one hand,To improve the legal system,is accelerating confirmation、Coordinated protection、pledge financing、Learn compensation and other aspects,Fully guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the right holder,better stimulate the endogenous motivation of innovative subjects; on the other hand,To further improve the application of intellectual property rights、Transfer、licensed、Institutional mechanism for investment in price,Promote more patented technologies and scientific and technological achievements from scientific research institutes to industrial applications。Strengthen the construction of the intellectual property system,Create a good rule of law for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements,can better stimulate the whole society's innovation and creativity。

Strengthen the protection of the rule of law of intellectual property,helps to promote the high -quality innovation resources of the post -hair area,Let the results of innovation better benefit all the people。Not long ago,The National Intellectual Property Office issued the "Implementation Plan for Interesting Property Property Public Service Public Service (2023-2025) ",Proposed "Coordinating Promoting the Intellectual Property Management Department of the Eastern Region and the Western Region、Establishment of regional collaboration assistance mechanisms between public service agencies "" help agricultural technology patent、Industrialization of patented technology、Brand of Agricultural Products "and other measures,It helps to improve the availability and inclusiveness of intellectual property public services。Accelerate the improvement of intellectual property legal system,Continuous optimization of intellectual property public services,Help to create a better business environment in the Houfa area、Attract more investment。

From an international perspective,Intellectual property has become increasingly becoming the core element of the country's strategic resources and international competitiveness。Strengthen the protection of the rule of law of intellectual property,It is also deeply involved in global intellectual property governance、The inevitable requirements of expanding the high level of opening to the outside world。On the one hand,Comprehensive intellectual property protection system,Can attract more foreign high -quality innovative companies to invest in China,Promote China to better integrate into the global innovation network。On the other hand,Chinese innovative enterprises go global、Stable,Elinage of intellectual property services。Constantly improving the intellectual property protection system,For innovative enterprises to carry out intellectual property layout overseas、Copy for the intellectual property dispute to provide a strong guarantee,This can better maintain the legitimate rights and interests of our innovative enterprises overseas。

Intellectual property protection work Relationship between the national governance system and governance capacity、High -quality development、Relational people's happy life、Relationship between the country to open to the outside world、Relations of national security... Continue to strengthen the protection of the rule of law of intellectual property,Constructing a large -scale protection work pattern for intellectual property,It will definitely promote the protection of intellectual property rights in my country to a new level,For the construction of an innovative country、Promoting Chinese -style modernization provides more powerful support!

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