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2024 EUROPEAN CUP Carry out 2023-2024 Special review work at the end of the second semester of the second semester

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To further improve the quality of students with 2024 EUROPEAN CUP,and regulate the test paper questions、Judging and Management,College YuOn May 24, 2024, a special review work for the second semester of the 2023-2024 academic year。

Leaders of the vice president Xu Guanglin Leader,and members of the teaching supervision team of the hospital participated together,Ensure the professionalism of the review work。Wide inspection range,Covering the semester25 professional courses and 4 public courses,A total of 62 test papers。

At the review site,The members of the inspection team strictly follow the requirements of the teaching outline,Propositions to the test paper、Test question types、Scoring standards, etc., conducted a detailed review one by one。They compare the syllabus and test paper content,Make sure the test paper can accurately reflect students' learning results,The difficulty and distinction of the test paper at the same time,To ensure the fairness and accuracy of the evaluation results。

Test papers as an important material in the process of talent training,Its quality is directly related to teaching quality and student evaluation。2024 EUROPEAN CUP highly attaches great importance to this test paper inspection review,I hope to pass this special review,Further strengthen teaching quality monitoring closed -loop management,Discover problems in time and improve。At the same time,The college will also take this as an opportunity,Promoting the reform and upgrading of the teaching management system,Promoting the smooth improvement of the quality of teaching work。