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Promoting the spirit of innovation,Respect intellectual property -build a new era of knowledge economy

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In today's era,Innovation has become the core motivation of national development,Intellectual property is the cornerstone of innovation results。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized:"Innovation is the first motivation to lead development,Protection of intellectual property rights is to protect innovation。"This important exposition deeply reveals the right to respect the copyright、Promoting innovation has a significant significance for promoting social progress and economic development。

1. Implementation of innovation -driven development strategy

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out:"To deepen the reform of the science and technology system,Establish an enterprise as the main body、Market -oriented、Technology innovation system for deep integration of industry, university and research。"This strategic deployment requires that we must strengthen the position of innovation.,Encourage and support enterprises、University、Scientific research institutions and other original research,and transform innovation results into real productivity。In this process,The intellectual property system plays an irreplaceable role,It not only protects the legitimate rights and interests of the innovative,Inspired the vitality of innovation,and through the patent、Trademark、Copyright and other forms,Promoting technical exchanges and industrial upgrading。

2. International vision of intellectual property protection

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized:"Strengthen intellectual property protection,Is improving the property rights system、Stimulate social creativity、Important links to promote the healthy development of economic and healthy development。"In the background of globalization,my country actively participate in international intellectual property governance,Promote the establishment of a more fair and reasonable international intellectual property rule system。Through strengthening cooperation with countries around the world,Jointly crack down on infringing and counterfeit behaviors,my country not only maintains the safety of its own innovative results,It also contributed Chinese wisdom and strength to global intellectual property protection。

3, the whole society respects the good atmosphere of intellectual property rights

General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed:"To strengthen the publicity and education of intellectual property rights,Awareness of improving the respect of the whole society and protecting intellectual property。"" This call aims to build a respect for respect、Encourage the social environment of innovation。Government、Enterprise、academia and the public should become active participants and firm supporters of intellectual property protection。By popularizing intellectual property knowledge,Improve the consciousness of the rule of law in the whole society,We can effectively curb the infringement,Create a fair competition market environment,to stimulate more innovative potential。

Four, Conclusion

General Secretary Xi Jinping on respecting copyright、Important expositions advocating innovation,Direction for us。On the new historical journey,We must unswervingly follow the road of innovative drive development,Constantly improving the intellectual property system,Strengthen international cooperation,Create a good atmosphere of respect and protection of intellectual property rights。Let's work together,jointly promoting the prosperity and development of my country's intellectual property cause,Contributions to the Chinese Dream of the Great Renaissance of the Chinese nation。


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