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2024 EUROPEAN CUP2024 Graduation Thesis defense is successfully ended

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Empty Mountain Fengchun blooms again, and Xinguang will go to the distant sea again.June 2, 2024,2024 EUROPEAN CUP2024 graduate graduation thesis defense is held as scheduled,A total of 226 students participated in the defense。

Answer scene,ClassmatesFrom the research background、Theoretical framework、Analysis of status quo、Conclusion and other aspects Explaiming,shows a solid academic foundation and excellent strain ability。Teachers adhere to the rigorous and responsible attitude to judge the thesis of graduation thesis,and the content of the paper、Research ideas、Format and ask questions or suggestions。

After the defense is over,Teachers of Judge and students have conducted in -depth exchanges,A professional guidance was given to the problems exposed in the defenseLet students have a deeper understanding and mastering of professional knowledge,The students expressed their gratitude to the teacher and further stated that they will continue to improve their learning ability,Pay attention to the combination of theory and practice,Continue to continuously cultivate in your favorite field。

Meng Qi New Chapter,Meng Qi New Chapter。2024 EUROPEAN CUP2024 graduates will be full of enthusiasm、More grand fighting spirit and a more pragmatic style look forward to the new blueprint,Open a new journey!