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2024 EUROPEAN CUP Hold Counselor Skills Competition

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In order to improve the overall quality of the counselor's team,Show their style and talent,Recent,Our hospital organized a counselor's skill competition in the Liberal Arts House of the Liberal Arts House。Chen Rui, Secretary of the Party Branch of the College、Deputy Secretary Liu Wenhui and the active participation of all counselors and teachers。

During the game,Careful preparations,With full enthusiasm and professional literacy,It brought a wonderful class meeting to the audience。Teacher Liu Zhihao uses"Learning Lei Feng Good Edition" as the theme,Through vivid cases and touching stories,Let the students deeply feel the value and practical significance of the era of Lei Feng's spirit; Teacher Zhao Aixin takes the theme of "campus security with us",Start from all aspects of campus safety,Popularized safety knowledge to students,Improving the safety awareness of the students; Teacher Wu Yunpeng closes the pulse of the times,The theme is "Focusing on the 20th National Congress of the Party",Exit the concept of the development of the party in the new era and the future plan of the country in a simple interpretation of the party's new era of the party,inspired the students' patriotism and sense of responsibility; Teacher Ge Jiali took the theme of "ideal and belief education",Guide students to establish firm ideals and beliefs,Unremitting efforts to contribute to the realization of personal value and social contribution。

After the game,Secretary Chen Rui made a summary speech。She fully affirmed the wonderful performance of the counselors and teachers in the competition,and expressed heartfelt thanks to their hard work in their daily work。

Successful holding of this counselor's skill competition,Not only does it provide a talent for the counselor、Platform of exchange learning,It also injected new vitality and motivation into the education work of our college。I believe in the future of the future,Deaders and teachers will be more full of enthusiasm and more professional literacy,Work hard to cultivate more outstanding talents!