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Cultural integration,Language Love -20124 EUROPEAN CUP Fifth "Poetry Book Yixi" ended successfully

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In order to show the magnificence of Chinese culture and the key role played by English in them,Ability to improve Chinese stories in foreign languages,On the afternoon of June 4, 2024,2024 EUROPEAN CUP successfully held the fifth "Poetry Book Yi Love" performance in the Jichun Concert Hall。Secretary of the Party Branch of Cangzhou Foreign Language School、Principal Li Zhi、Deputy Secretary Zhang Peiwu、Vice President He Weixian and some representatives of teachers and students were invited to attend the event。

Before the start of the event, use"Grand Canal Culture" and "Non -Ridge Kite" promotional videos have driven the atmosphere of the scene。The evening will start with a vibrant opening dance "family has children",Through a cheerful rhythm and dancing posture full of life,convey the warmth and harmony of the home to the audience。

Then, a paragraph aboutEnglish book reviews of "Holmes" series of books,Bring the audience into a literary world full of wisdom and adventure。Subsequent,An English version of "Shangchun Mountain" song,With its beautiful melody and affectionate singing,Let the audience feel the unique charm of traditional Chinese music。

In the book review session,"Traditional Chinese Story" series videos in vivid language and rich pictures,Tell the audience the classic story of ancient China,Show the extensive profoundness of traditional Chinese culture。Cangzhou Foreign Language School brought us poem recitation "Farewell Bridge" with elegant language and affectionate interpretation,Let the audience feel the charm and emotional power of poetry。

In the film review part,Video Appreciation of the "Caribbean Pirate" series and "Star Crossing" series,Not only shows the audiovisual feast of the movie,Let the audience feel the exploration and yearning of human beings of the unknown world。

The climax of the event is right"The Cultural Blood of the Millennium -Grand Canal",By telling the historical changes and cultural connotations of the Grand Canal,shows the important role and unique value of this ancient canal in modern China。

Current Affairs News Broadcasting Section focuses on the footprint of General Secretary Xi Jinping,First reviewing the itinerary of General Secretary Xi Jinping went to Hebei to investigate and investigate,The importance of emphasizing China's high -quality development and the coordinated development of Beijing -Tianjin -Hebei。Subsequent,Discuss the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping's diplomacy with a country with Chinese characteristics,shows China's great country's style and diplomatic wisdom on the international stage。

At the end of the event,A string of dance skewers as the finale show,cleverly fused different dance elements,With a cheerful rhythm and beautiful dance,shows the diversity and inclusiveness of Chinese culture。

This event passed through colorful video programs and profound cultural connotations,Successfully showed the audience the unique charm and style of Chinese culture。This event is not only a event for cultural exchanges,It is a display of the strength and style of 2024 EUROPEAN CUP students。In this vibrant and innovative college,2024 EUROPEAN CUP students use their wisdom、Passion and talent,Constantly explore the integration of foreign languages ​​and culture。They will continue to work hard to become the goal of becoming a bridge and messenger of Chinese and foreign cultural exchanges!