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Tell copyright cultural stories

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General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized in the party's 20 major reports,Comprehensive construction of socialist modernization countries,We must adhere to the development of socialist culture with Chinese characteristics。Development for modernization、Facing the world、Future -oriented,The popular socialist culture of the nation's science,Stimulate the vitality of the national cultural innovation and creation,Enhance the spiritual power of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

Cultural movement and national movement,Wenmai is connected to the same country。The achievements and miracles on the Chinese land in the new era,It is inseparable from the origin and nourishment of Chinese culture。Don’t forget the original、Absorption of foreign、Face for the future,Wenmai 赓 continuity,String song,Socialist culture with Chinese characteristics provides a steady stream of spirit for the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

Do not forget the original, take root in the land of China

The elder of the wood,It must solidify its fundamental;,Bi Jun Qi Quanyuan。General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out,in5000 Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Breeding in the Development of Civilization,Revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture bred in the great struggle between the party and the people,Advanced to the deepest spiritual pursuit of the Chinese nation,Represents the unique spiritual logo of the Chinese nation。

The excellent traditional cultural heritage of China is deep、Yuanyuan Long,Deeply engraved in Chinese blood,It also profoundly affects human civilization,It has an indelible historical significance and value of the times,It is the foundation and source of our firm cultural self -confidence。The party leaders are in the revolution、In the great practice of reform and construction,Created the advanced culture of revolutionary culture and socialism,赓 Continue Chinese civilization blood,Make the cultural self -confidence of the Chinese nation more firm。

Cultural self -confidence is a country、More basic in the development of a nation、Deeper、More long -lasting power。Don’t forget the original,It is to inherit the excellent traditional Chinese culture,Promoting revolutionary culture,Develop advanced socialist culture。Don’t forget to come when you come,It is necessary to resolutely protect the root of Chinese culture and the party's original mission。He Zhi Xing,It is to use the cultural construction of the new era and new journey,Continuously cast new glory of socialist culture。

Absorption of foreign, civilized communication and mutual learning

Beauty of Beauty,Beauty and the United States; compatible and packing,Haina Baichuan。General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized,Civilized exchange and mutual learning,It is an important driving force to promote the progress of human civilization and the peaceful development of the world。Civilization communicates due to diversity,Learn from each other due to communication,Developed due to mutual learning。Chinese civilization is a long and splendid civilization born on the Chinese land,It is also a civilized civilization that is continuously enriched and expanded in the exchange of other civilizations。

Absorption of foreign,It is to be compatible with compatible and compatible and inclusive.,Main me、I used it for me。

In the big historical pattern of civilized exchange and mutual learning,China as hasAncient civilizations of more than 5000 years of history,We have reason to look at the world with historical confidence、View World。In the promotion of cultural construction,It is necessary to continuously enhance the communication and influence of Chinese civilization,Efforts to be the spreader of Chinese culture、Practitioner,The common person who is a common person for human civilization。We have to be with the world、The atmosphere of Haina Baichuan,Absorption of all excellent civilizations created by humans,Provide a mirrorbook for the new glory of socialist culture。

Facing the future, insist on two combinations

Don’t forget the original、Absorption of foreign,Be better for the future。The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation requires cultural prosperity and development to provide a steady stream of spiritual motivation and leadership。

Face for the future,It is necessary to continuously consolidate the historical foundation and mass foundation of the era of Sinicization of Marxism,firm historical self -confidence and historical consciousness,To be used in ancient times、New。

Face for the future,It is necessary to speed up the construction of Chinese discourse and Chinese narrative system,Tell Chinese stories from multiple aspects、spread Chinese voice,Consciously strengthen the construction of international communication capabilities,Improve communication effect,Efforts to form international discourse rights that match my country's comprehensive national strength and international status in various fields。

New era and new journey,Copyright is the core of culture。Copyright as an embodiment of creativity,Strive in the field of copyright protection"Five Services" ----- Server Economy Main Battlefield,Service technology creation innovation,Service Culture Prosperity Development,Serving the people a better life,Service creator rights and interests。We start from historical consciousness and historical confidence,Actively Carry out copyright historical and cultural research,The original clear source; organize the holding of the copyright culture international academic seminar,Strive to build international discourse rights in the field of copyrights; carry out research on copyright protection of folk literary works,Contribute China Wisdom and China Plan for World Intellectual Property Organization,Actively participate in global governance in the copyright field。Efforts to tell Chinese copyright cultural stories with actual actions,Socialism with a copy of the copyrighttextnew glory!