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firm belief for casting loyalty,Practice theoretical mission -20124 EUROPEAN CUP launches the horse group activity

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firm belief for casting loyalty,Practicing theoretical Mission。To deepen the classmates' understanding of the principles of Marxist theory,Clarify how to adhere to and develop these principles in the background of the new era,and use this as a guidance to optimize your own learning and lifestyle,2024 EUROPEAN CUP inOn the afternoon of June 4, 2024, the Six Classroom of the Liberal Arts House was launched in the Malaysia Group activity with the theme of "Six Must Persistence" from the Six Classroom of the Liberal Arts Building.。This event specially invited Chen Qian, a senior teacher of Marxist School,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Marxist Learning Group all members actively participate。

Teacher Chen Qian uses full enthusiasm and professional theoretical knowledge,Bring a profound and inspiring lecture to the students present。She first elaborated the core essence of Marxist epistemology,It emphasizes the practical need to dig in depth of its understanding of its epistemology。Then,Teacher Chen combined"Six must persist" specific content,Detailed interpretation of how to be under the guidance of Marxist epistemology,Persist in the people first、Persist in self -confidence and self -reliance、Persist in keeping positive innovation、Persist in problem orientation、Adhere to the system concept、Persist in the world。

During the lecture,,Through vivid cases and in -depth analysis,Classmates right"Six must persist" with clearer and profound understanding。Teacher Chen pointed out,This "six must persist" is not only the inheritance and development of the principles of Marxist theory,It is a summary and refinement of Xi Jinping's great practice of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era。Students have expressed,Through Teacher Chen's explanation,They better understand how to implement these principles in actual learning and life,Take it as a guide to guiding your own growth and development。

Success of this Malaysian group activity,Not only enhances students' understanding and identification of Marxist theoretical principles,It also inspired their enthusiasm and confidence in adhering to and developing these principles in the new era。2024 EUROPEAN CUP will continue to strengthen the study and publicity of Marxist theory,Contributions to the cultivation of excellent talents with excellent talents with strong ideals and beliefs and solid theoretical literacy。