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Introduction to English majors

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English major,Adhering to "people -oriented,Scientific Development,Strengthen connotation,Highlights,Service Land "talent training concept,and "Combination of comprehensive development and manifestation、Break the foundation and strengthen the practice、Talent training ideas that learn to be a person with people and learn to learn。Dedicated to cultivate and cultivate the comprehensive development of moral, intellectual, physical and artistic and labor,Teachers' moral specifications and education ideals,Family State feelings and international vision,English discipline knowledge and teacher education knowledge excellent、Basic skills of English language and strong ability to teach people,The ability of innovation and independent development,Can be enlisted in junior high school teaching、English backbone teacher of research and management。The characteristics and advantages of this major are reflected in the "four classroom" linkage training system,Four Classroom is the first class of curriculum、Activating second classroom、Socialized third classroom and internationalized fourth classroom。The first class of the curriculum is specifically manifested as the three courses for the three courses,、Practice of teacher education curriculum、Coordination of internship practice courses。The second class of activity is mainly focused on discipline competitions and skill contests。Relying on Foreign Language Festival、Poetry Book Yiqing and other college brands and competition guidance groups to promote learning with the competition。Socialized third classroom is reflected in the front post and post -position interaction、Volunteer Services and Summer Education Survey。The fourth classroom of internationalization penetrates teaching with international concepts、Practice and academic activities。Significant results in the construction of "Double Wan",Is the provincial first -class professional construction point、School Key Discipline、School education teaching reform and practice research excellent units,Have multiple school -level、Provincial first -class courses。For more than forty years,The college sent a large number of foreign language talents to the society,Graduate employment prospects are good,The employment rate has been maintained at more than 90%。The qualification pass rate of previous student teachers、Specialty 4、Specialized eight -level levels are all among the best universities in the province。In recent years, more than 100 students have obtained a master's degree from universities at home and abroad、Doctoral students,Among them, there are many Peking University、Nankai University、Beijing University of Foreign Languages、University of Foreign Economic and Trade、Nanjing University and other domestic double first -class universities。