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2024 EUROPEAN CUP Qualifying Football Predicts

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In order to make students deeply realize the importance of traffic safety in daily life,and alert to the serious consequences that may cause traffic safety,2024 EUROPEAN CUP inApril 3, 2024, carefully organized a group class activity with the theme "Walking with Safety" in the four classrooms of the Liberal Arts Building Classroom。This event was presided over by Yang Junjie, a branch of the 3rd English class of Level 23,All students at Level 23 actively participate,Knowing traffic safety knowledge。

In the event,The speaker Yang Junjie first analyzed the traffic status around the campus in detail,In -depth analysis of traffic problems that may be encountered in the daily travel of students。He particularly emphasized the precautions for pedestrians crossing the road,Remind everyone to always pay attention to traffic safety,Follow the traffic rules,to avoid unnecessary accidents。In addition,Yang Junjie also passed vivid cases and detailed data,Let students deeply realize the importance of traffic safety。

In order to allow students to understand traffic safety knowledge more intuitively,Yang Junjie also deliberately prepared a short film for traffic safety and accident cases。The real accident scene and tragic consequences in the short film make the students deeply shocked,One after another said that we must pay more attention to traffic safety,Cherish life。

This group activity allowed the students in our college to understand the importance of campus traffic safety。Through this activity,More civilization is formed on the campus、Harmony、Safe atmosphere,The awareness of self -protection and safety precautions of students has also been significantly improved。At the same time,This activity also improved the overall quality and social responsibility of students,Make them pay more attention to social security issues,Actively build safety、Harmony campus environment contribution strength。

In short, this timeThe theme group of the theme group of "Traveling with Safety" has achieved a complete successful success,Students from 2024 EUROPEAN CUP took a vivid and profound traffic safety education class。We believe,In the future of the future,Students will cherish life、Follow the traffic rules,Create a security together、Beautiful campus environment。


Group lesson experience

Through this activity,I recognize the importance of traffic safety more deeply。Traffic safety not only requires the joint efforts of each of us,More need to start from ourselves,Strictly abide by traffic rules,Improve traffic safety awareness。In the future of the future,I will pay more attention to traffic safety,Not only do you have to be a civilized driving、Safe travel,Also actively promote traffic safety knowledge to people around,Create a security together、Harmonious traffic environment。Let's work together to build a beautiful future of traffic safety!                                               

-23 Business English Class 1 Li Chaokai

Traffic safety education,I better understand traffic safety knowledge,To better abide by traffic rules,better protect the life of yourself and others。This traffic safety group class has benefited me a lot。I will bring the traffic safety knowledge and concepts I learned into daily life,Not only does it strictly abide by traffic rules,It will also actively promote traffic safety knowledge to people around,To create a safety、Harmony、In an orderly transportation environment, contribute to your own strength。     

—— Grade 23 English Class 2 Wang Ruixuan

Traffic safety requires everyone's joint efforts。In traffic safety education activities,I know that only everyone complies with traffic rules,can truly realize traffic safety。Whether it is pedestrian、Driver or passenger,Everyone should always be vigilant,Strictly abide by traffic rules,Do not test method。I deeply realize,Cultivating a good traffic safety awareness is not only our deserved responsibility,Also the obligation we should do。

—— 23 -level English Fourth Class Bai Xueying

Through the study of this group class,I deeply recognize the importance of safety。Whether in work or life,We all need to be vigilant at all times,Enhance safety awareness。At the same time,I also learned a lot of practical safety knowledge and skills,These will have a positive impact on my future life and work。

—— Level 23 English Class 3 Li Xinman