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2024 EUROPEAN CUP Qualifying Football Prediction,Create the Future "theme group class

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To deepen the classmates' understanding of the concept of the community of human destiny,Guide them to better integrate into the tide of development in China and the world,2024 EUROPEAN CUP inOn April 10, 2024, a theme was held in the Liberal Arts Ladder Classroom Fourth Classroom, ",Creation of the Future "group lesson,aimed at sharing and communication,Open students' vision,Promoting personal growth and social progress。

This group class is fromGrade 23 English Fourth Class, Jia Yihan, as the speaker。She first uses the recent meeting between my country and Vietnam as the introduction of the child,In -depth discussion of the connotation of global concepts and the community of human destiny。Through vivid cases and in -depth explanations,Jia Yihan asked the students to deeply realize that in today's world,The development of any country is inseparable from international cooperation and exchange,The concept of the community of human destiny is exactly a deep reflection of this reality。

Subsequent,Jia Yihan focuses on the topic until the young student。She emphasizes the future and hope of youth as the country,Important responsibility to promote social progress。Video、How to combine pictures and text,She vividly shows the development trend of the world today and the role of young people in it。She encourages classmates to establish the correct worldview、The outlook on life and values,Personal development with the country、The development of the world is closely combined,Contribute your own strength to the beautiful vision of the community of human destiny。

Students have expressed,Through this group class,They understand the connotation and meaning of the community of human destiny more deeply,It also strengthens the determination to contribute to the development of the country and the world。

Group lesson experience

Through this group class,I learned to work together in China and countries around the world,Not just an economic cooperation,It is a kind of cultural blending and the relationship between the soul。China,A country with a history of 5,000 years of civilization,Its profound cultural heritage and unique wisdom,Provided rich ideological resources for the world。At the same time,The culture of other countries has also brought fresh blood and revelation to China。This cultural communication and collision,Laipan a solid foundation for the cooperation between countries。

                                        - 23 -level Business English Class 1

Young people should focus on the development prospects of human society,firmly establish global thinking and world vision,Vigorously advocate the construction of a community of human destiny。The youth group should practice dreams with actual actions、Pursue ideals,Tell the world to tell the world a good story of human destiny,Contribute to promoting social progress。

                                            —Lou 23 English Class 2 Li Jiahui

Facing this situation,As a youth in the new era,Establish global consciousness and open consciousness,Follow the international situation and major global issues,Actively learn and understand the world。At the same time,Efforts to learn scientific and cultural knowledge and skills,Cultivate the spirit and ability of innovation,Improve your own quality,Prepare for future participation in international competition。Another,Actively participate in international exchanges and cooperation,Learn different cultures,Respect the culture and values ​​of different countries。Cultivate cooperation ability and competitive ability,Prepare for the future open cause of participating countries。

—Guestable English Class 4 Yang Zihan

Under the background of globalization,Global concept will play a pivotal role in the future development trend。People with global concepts will be easier to adapt to the changing world,Seize development opportunities,Realize personal value。At the same time,Global concept will also help my country govern global governance、Technology Innovation、Cultural exchanges and other aspects play a greater role。Therefore,Deepening the concept of global not only helps personal growth,It can also inject strong motivation for national and social development。

—— Class 23 Class 23