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National Security,Youth is quite ——2024 EUROPEAN CUP carried out theme group day activity

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In order to allow students to understand and learn the core concept of the overall national security concept,Enhance your own national security awareness and sense of responsibility,2024 EUROPEAN CUP inApril 17, 2024 Organized a theme "National Security,Youth Like "group day activity。This event was chaired by Li Bingbing, a branch of the 23rd business English group,Level 23 All students participate。

In this event,The speaker Li Bingbing first introduced the meaning of national security to the students。Students realize that national security is the fundamental interests of the country,It is an important guarantee for the survival and development of the country。Next,She introduced the reason for adhering to the overall national security outlook、importance and practices,Point out that adherence to the overall national security concept is that young students respond to the current security challenge、Must -choose the inevitable choice of world peace and development。At the same time, I also call on students to understand their responsibilities and mission,Contribute your own power to the security and development of the country!

National Security is more important than Taishan,I will take the responsibility of youth。This event not only deepened the students' understanding of the overall national security outlook,More embarrassing beliefs in maintaining national security in their thoughts。Looking forward to the future,I believe that students will use their actual actions to contribute youthful power to build a national security line!


Activity experience

This study allows me to deeply realize that maintaining national security is our inconceivable responsibility,It is also the basic requirements of the party and the country for each student。The actual realization of national security depends on everyone's participation、Everyone has something to do。Let us gather strong forces to maintain national security in the whole society,Establish"National Security, everyone is responsible" awareness of responsibility,Actively devote themselves to the great cause of national security construction

—— Class 23 English Group Zhang Qing

Safe and long -term stability,It is impossible to work in one battle,It takes a long time for merit、Unremitting hard work。The arrival of the National Security Education Day of the National National Security,marks a new starting point。Let's work together,Makes national security awareness deeply rooted in the hearts of all people,Let1.3 billion people together have become firm defenders of national security。This,We will be able to promote the Chinese giant wheel steadily in the wind and waves of the times,To achieve the "two hundred years" goals、The Chinese dream that realizes the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation built an indestructible security barrier!

—Guestable English Class 2 Wu Liqing

Looking forward to the future,I will devote themselves to national security with a full passion。I know the importance of national security,Therefore, I will actively learn national security knowledge,Efforts to improve your awareness and ability。At the same time,I will also actively participate in various safety education activities,Establish an example for the people around you,Propaganda positive energy。In addition,I will also promote national security knowledge through various channels,Let more people realize the importance of national security,Joint contribution to maintaining national security。

—— Class 23 English Class 3 Shan Yu Shuang

National Security is the responsibility of each of us。We must always be vigilant,Enhance your own safety awareness; actively participate in national security education,Improve your security ability; to give full play to your professional specialty,Contribute to the national security cause。

— Zhou Yaxuan, Class 4 of Level 23

ThroughThis event,I am deeply responsible,National security is closely related to youth。We should establish the right worldview、The outlook on life and values,constantly improving your comprehensive quality and ability level。We should always maintain alert and sober mind,Maintenance of the country's security and stability with actual actions。

—— 23 -level business English class Wu Mengyu