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Raise copyright awareness,Respect the crystallization of wisdom — 20124 EUROPEAN Cup Qualifying Football Predicts

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To promote the protection of intellectual property rights,Improve 2024 EUROPEAN CUP student copyright protection consciousness,Strengthen intensity of intellectual property protection,2024 EUROPEAN CUP TripApril 24, 2024 Organized a theme of "Improve Copyright Awareness,Group Class activity of respecting wisdom crystals。This event was chaired by Wang Qi, a branch of the 23rd English group,Level 23 students participate。

In a group class,Wang Qi listed several specific detailed copyright infringement cases,Another interpretation of the concept of copyright、How to obtain the copyright、Copyright theme and other related content,The importance of copyright has been analyzed in depth。

In this group class,Wang Qi popularized the copyright knowledge and related laws and regulations to students of foreign colleges,Deepen the consciousness of protecting copyright security,I created respect for copyright、A good campus atmosphere for protection of copyright。


Group lesson experience

This group class made me deeply appreciate the consequences of the copyright being violated。For example,Some unauthorized music、Music that is randomly used... not only harms the interests of the creator,It also hit the creative enthusiasm of the entire society。I realize,As a youth of the new era,We have the responsibility to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the original works。Copyright is not only legal right,It is a moral responsibility。In daily life,We should start from ourselves,Comply with relevant regulations,Rejecting piracy and infringement。At the same time,I also learned how to quote the works of others correctly,Share and disseminate knowledge in a legal way。

—Lereonal English Level 23 Class Li Ruixue

Through this group class,I deeply realize that Improving Copyright Awareness、Respect the importance of wisdom crystals。As a youth member,I will start from myself,Practice copyright consciousness,To build a respectable original、Society to protect wisdom crystals contributes your own strength。At the same time,I will also actively participate in publicity activities such as improving copyright awareness,Let more people understand the copyright,Raise their copyright consciousness。

—— Class 23 English Class Zhang Yuyang

Through this group class,I deeply realize that Improving Copyright Awareness、Respect wisdom Crystal For individuals、The importance of society。I will take this as an opportunity,Start from individual,Consciously respect copyright,Actively spread the concept of protecting intellectual property rights。contributes to the creation of a clear campus and society!

—— Class 23 English Class 2 Hu Keyu

Through this group class,I know that copyright security is not only the motivation to protect innovation and the rights of creativity,It is an important guarantee for promoting social progress and economic development。We can play a role,Jointly publicize the concept of protection of intellectual property rights,Create a better environment for innovation and development。Breaking the mist of intellectual property protection,Need us to work together,Let us start from ourselves,Improve your own intellectual property protection consciousness,At the same time, it also affects the people around。Publicity, education and popularization activities,Let more people understand the meaning of intellectual property protection,Commonly safeguard the rights and interests of innovation and knowledge。

—— Class 23 English Class 4 Dong Yuhan