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Learn advanced ideas,Fight for a young man -20124 EUROPEAN Cup Qualifying Football Predictions

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In order to make students deeply understand the basic connotation and importance of advanced thoughts,Cultivate the core values ​​of young people,Enhance the sense of responsibility and mission of young people,2024 EUROPEAN CUP inMay 8, 2024 in the liberal arts buildingThe fourth step classroomThe theme is"Learn advanced thoughts,Fighting for a group class activity for young people。This event is chaired by Zhao Yuzheng, a branch of the 23rd English class,,2024 EUROPEAN CUP23 All students participated。

In this group activity,The speaker Zhao Yuzhen first introduced the basic connotation of advanced thoughts、historical origin and social value,To better help young students understand the importance of advanced thinking。Next,She led her classmates to interpret the core values ​​of socialism,Guide young students to establish the correct worldview、The outlook on life and values。Last,By analyzing the role and positioning of contemporary young people in social development,Discuss how to better shoulder historical mission in the background of the new eraInspired young students to actively participate in social practice.

 BaiLearning and communication of this group lessonNot onlyImproving the ideological awareness of the youth group,Guide students to study advanced ideas,AlsoEstablishCorrect values ​​and worldview.ThisEnhancedClassmates'sense of responsibility and mission,Stimulate the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of young students,Good forCultivate students' team collaboration ability and communication ability。At the same time,AlsoHelp students better clarify their action plans and goals,Contributions to the realization of personal value and social progress,Lay a solid foundation for future social development and national construction

 The power of the youth group is important。We can better develop youth forces through this group,Improve the wisdom of youth,Provide a more stable backbone for the construction of Chinese socialist countries,Build a better communist country!

Group lesson

In the group class, I deeply realize"View of Youth""Youth Love"The important meaning of "Youth"。This inspires me to keep working hard,Improve yourself,Practice new ideas with actual actions。We must maintain a positive mental state,Courageous InnovationDare to fight、Struggle Practice。In future study and life,We should be guided by General Secretary Xi Jinping's message,firm belief,Go forward,Lifn the expectations and heavy entrustment of the party and the people,Writing with youth is worthy of the Chinese color chapter!

-Graphic level business English Liu Yunna

This group lesson has made me more firm my beliefs,Also pointed out the direction of moving forward。Advanced ideas are promoting social progress、Leading the growth of youth plays a huge role。It looks like a bright lamp,Direction to us for us,It also provides us with the motivation that keeps moving forward。I will be full of enthusiasm、More firm beliefs are devoted to learning,constantly improving your comprehensive quality,Striving for a new era of a young man。Let's use dreams as horses,No Lives Shaohua,Show the youth style and responsibility in the journey of the new era!

-23 Level 2 English Class 2 Jia Bingyan


Through this group lesson study,I deeply realize the importance of cultivating creative thinking and critical spirit。Learning advanced thought is our improvement of ourselves、An important way to enhance competitiveness。As a new era youth,We must continue to strengthen learning、Improve quality、Courage to practice,Efforts to become a young man in the new era。I believe as long as we are firm in beliefs、Working hard,It will definitely be able toHereMake more brilliant achievements on the road!

23English Fourth Class of English