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Construction without waste cities, build a better future

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To further deepen the students' understanding of the concept of non -waste cities,Cultivate everyone’s environmental awareness and sense of responsibility,and encourage them to become active participants and promoters who have no waste city construction,2024 EUROPEAN CUP inMay 21, 2024 held a theme in the fourth step classroom of the liberal arts buildingConstruction without waste citiesgroup class activities. This group class is fromLevel 23 Business English Lee Li Bingbing.

At the beginning of the group class,The speaker introduced the concept of non -waste city,Explained its connotation and goals in a simple way。Through vivid cases and data,The speaker explained the importance and urgency of the construction of non -waste cities,and the current situation and development trend in the construction of non -waste cities at home and abroad。Students can listen to it with interest,Have a more comprehensive and in -depth understanding of cities without waste。

Later,Li BingbingIntroduction to the concept of green development,and emphasize the importance of promoting the formation of green development methods and lifestyles。Students have carried out enthusiastic discussions on the ways and methods of resource use of solid waste sources and resource utilization。Everyone said,To reduce the use of disposable supplies,Improve the efficiency of resource utilization,Contribute to the construction of no waste city。

Group lessonAbove, the LordI also guide students to think about how to practice the concept of non -waste cities in daily life。The speaker proposed the garbage classification、Reduce waste and other specific practices,and encourage students to integrate these ideas into daily life。Students actively speak,Share your own ideas and practices,The atmosphere at the scene is very active。

Learning through this group lesson,The concept of students for non -waste cities、The target and implementation strategy have a deeper understanding。Everyone said,Pay more attention to environmental problems,Actively practice green、Low -carbon、Environmental protection lifestyle。Construction without waste cities,Everyone is responsible,Let's act together,Efforts to build a green future!