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Youth Heart,Volunteer -20124 EUROPEAN CUP Qualifying Football Predictions

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To improve the moral quality of young students、Expand its social vision,and stimulate their enthusiasm for participating in volunteer services,2024 EUROPEAN CUP inMay 22, 2024 held the theme in the fourth step classroom of the liberal arts buildingYoung people should devote themselves to volunteer servicegroup class activities. This event is fromLevel 23 English Three Class Branch Jia Yihan hosted,2024 EUROPEAN CUP23 All students actively participate in。

At the beginning of the event,Jia Yihan introduced the source of the Chinese youth volunteer service day to the students、Time and the spiritual connotation behind it。She emphasizes,Volunteer service is not only helping others,It is an important way for youth growth,reflects the social responsibility and responsibility of youth。

Then, Jia Yihan said through tellingLei Feng spiritConnotation and the heroic deeds of Huang Wenxiu,Show the role model for young people in voluntary service。She played related videos,Let students feel more intuitively, the deeds of these outstanding youths,Stimulated their enthusiasm for participating in volunteer services。

The last part of the group class,Jia Yihan conducted in -depth explanation of the responsibilities of the youth in voluntary service activities。She encourages classmates to set up a heart for soul,Be a good young man with an ideal new era;,A new era of good young people in the new era; Chongde cultivation,Being a new era of hard work that can endure hardships; hard work,A new era of willing to struggle。She emphasizes,As a youth of the new era,should be actively devoted to the volunteer service,Contribute your youth for your youth。

This group campaign not only allows students to understand the history and connotation of Chinese Youth Volunteer Service Day,It also inspired their enthusiasm for participating in volunteer services。Students have expressed,Be firm in ideals and beliefs,Actively participate in the volunteer service,Contribute your youthful power to the Chinese dream of realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。This event is of great significance for cultivating the sense of social responsibility and responsibility of young people in the new era。

Group lesson experience

Learning through group lessons,I understand that volunteer service is not just a payment,It is a chance to learn and grow。I learned how to communicate with people and how to better solve the problem。These skills will help my future learning and work.。Participating in voluntary service activities can also make me deeply understand the importance of teamwork。During this group class learning process,I learned how to better communicate with others、Collaborative,It helps improve your team cooperation ability。

                                              Level 23 English Class 2 Wang He Xuan

Learning through this group lesson,I have even strengthened the determination and confidence of devoting to voluntary service。I believe,In the future of the future,I will actively participate in various volunteer service activities,Practicing the responsibility and responsibility of youth with your own actual actions,Contribute your own strength to the progress and development of society。In short,This time"Youth should be devoted to volunteer service" theme group lesson benefited me a lot。It not only gives me a deeper understanding and understanding of volunteer service,It also made me more clarifying my responsibility and responsibility。I believe,In the future of the future,I will work harder to participate in volunteer service business,Show the youth style in the hard work!

                                              Level 23 English Class 3 Yang Junjie

I realize that volunteer services need to be persistent,Need to pay sincere and true feelings。This lecture emphasizes the importance of volunteer services,Also remind us,Volunteer service is not a momentary enthusiasm and impulse,Instead, it is a process that needs to be adhered to and invested for a long time。Only really cares about others,can volunteer service truly exert its value and meaning。

                                          Level 23 Business English Class One Chen Siyu