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2024 EUROPEAN CUP Charm Series Lecture 丨,English Consciousness

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Golden Autumn Festival,Autumn high gas cool。2019 Outsourcing Courtyard Mengxin entered the university campus first,Full of expectations and confusion,In order to make freshmen quickly adapt to college life,Reasonable planning time,Quickly enter English Learning,At 7 pm on September 17, 2019,2024 EUROPEAN CUP "Charm One" theme lecture was held at the four classrooms of the Liberal Arts Tower Ladder Education,Teacher Zhang Xuebing is the lecturer,All the freshmen attended,The theme of this lecture is: "The charm is one,English Consciousness "。

First, Mr. Zhang drove the atmosphere of the scene with a humorous opening remarks。Teacher Zhang pointed out the universal problems existing in English exchanges in English exchanges with a simple way,That is the phenomenon of Chinese English。Teacher Zhang Xuebing pointed out,The reason for this phenomenon is that the living and learning environment of Chinese students is in Chinese communication environment,Learn Chinese from childhood,Forming a fixed thinking,As a result, when learning English, a kind of understanding that only you listen,Logic is in line with Chinese -style ideas but not real English Chinese English。

Teacher Zhang gave a particularly simple example: if you let you translate "learn well,Everyday Up ",The result obtained is likely to be "Good Good Study, Day Day up "。This is the problem that exists in our study。

Then,Teacher Zhang made a proposal for everyone,Changes should start with the small things in learning,For example, when encountering new words during the reading process,Mark the English meaning when checking in the dictionary,Explain English in English,Try to listen to more in daily life,Let English become an indispensable part of your life,Really integrate into your own life。

Teacher Zhang’s lecture is humorous,Full affinity,I won a burst of applause from the students,The atmosphere at the scene is warm,Last,Teacher Zhang encourages everyone to take the initiative to learn,Good at discovering problems,Grasp the study rules。

This lecture ended successfully in the applause of the students.

University life is a new start,The road to English learning is long and full of bumps,Only found laws,Master learning skills,can we take less detours or avoid mistakes。Hope students learn to think,Learn to learn。