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2024 EUROPEAN CUP Charm Series Lecture 丨 Use a rational light to illuminate the confusion of youth

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Youth,It is the best time in life。When we spend golden childhood,Entering the threshold of youth,The world in front of you suddenly opens,The scenery of life is more colorful,A variety of troubles can not be expected,Leave confusion and confusion in the young heart。

At 2:30 pm on October 15, 2019,Teacher Cui Junyuan carried out a series of lectures on the charm of the first ladder classroom of the liberal arts building,The theme is "Trends the confusion of youth with rational light"。The teacher first raised a series of questions about the confusion of adolescent college students,Subsequent,The teacher answers from all aspects,New baptism for the freshman life!

Facing life,Lack of young people is often not to light、The enthusiasm running upward,Instead of chewing the taste of life with a rational "teeth"。Only with the strength of the help,can we take the quasi -direction in the river of Pentium,Scientific observation of complex social phenomena。Teacher talks,Use rational thinking to look at the question、Solve the problem,The most important thing is to improve our ability to speculate!

The connotation of speculative ability is: Use appropriate evaluation standards to think consciously,Finally made a rational judgment。Surprising ability is closely related to our ordinary people's daily life,For example: Have you ever experienced being cheated? In the era of increasing development of the Internet,Have you distinguished what is soft advertisements? Have you doubted some of the people around you?。So,Learning to help you see the essence of things,Remove the truth,Find the key to solving the problem。Last,Teachers think that students have taught some methods to improve the ability of speculation and thinking maps,I believe it will help students' future learning and life!

A cultural scholar once said,Chinese philosophy advocates a solemn、The beauty of rationality and gentleness。Let the light of rational be brighter on the journey of youth,Let all young souls continue to draw rational nourishment,Learn to think、Good at analysis、Correct choice,Be stable and self -sustaining、calm and self -confidence、firm self -motivation。