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"Don't forget the original heart、Keep in mind the theme education 丨 2024 EUROPEAN CUP2019 "Charming University" series of lectures perfectly ended

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"One year's plan,Mo Ruhugu; Ten Years Measures,Mo as trees; Lifetime measures,Mo Ruhu Man。"Lideshu is the fundamental task of education。"Charming University" series of lectures as "appetizers" specially prepared by our college for the freshman freshman,Play an important leading role in learning and ideological education,fully reflects the "Lide Tree Ren,Teaching and Education "Education's original intention。

6:30 pm on October 22, 2019,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Teacher Liang Xiufang launched a series of lectures on the theme of the four classrooms of the liberal arts building stairs: the charm of delaying psychology。All the freshman freshmen are actively participating。

Teacher Liang first used a vivid and interesting video to make the students understand what the procrastination was,and the performance of procrastination in daily life。These problems have caused students' thinking,Then Teacher Liang asked a few classmates,Investigate whether the students have a phenomenon of procrastination,Subsequent,Teacher Liang conducted in -depth excavation of the general procrastination of students,Find out the reason and put forward solutions and effective suggestions。For how to solve the problem of procrastination,Teacher Liang gave a very useful lesson for the freshman freshman!

The occurrence of procrastination except for failure phobia、Successful phobia is beyond the cause of individual independence,Procrastination and Psychological Comfort Zone Questions、The knowledge of time、Biological factors such as family environmental impact and anxiety and other biological factors,Then we might as well try to change a growth mentality,Set a reliable plan,Take a correct road,Use some effective ways to solve procrastination。

We often ask ourselves: Why haven't you done what you want to do? Why can't the task always be completed on time?,You have,I have,Everyone has。

For this phenomenon,Teacher Liang Xiufang told us to change our way of thinking。Although this is not easy,but it is not impossible。Change the way of thinking,Especially to change the improvement of the subconscious; want to improve execution,You can try to make a plan that meets your own situation,Do it from Yi to difficulty,The habit of developing self -discipline。

Bill Gates said: Action immediately,Don’t delay,Survival。People who can seize time,is the winner of life,If you do not use it for a little bit of time in life,It is like a many small holes cut out on the timing hourglass of life,Our opportunities will slip away quietly like a fine yarn。

delay is the hell of the dream of dust; the grave of the delay is the burial potential。Think of your past inaction and virtuality of the year,All caused by delay。For college students,Procrastination makes you unable to complete the work and study task efficiently,Can't really have time to relax。Therefore,We should evenly allocate our time,Today is after today,Refusal delay,Be better yourself!