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2019-2020 The first semester of the school year 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Student Cadre Work Summary Meeting

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10 am on December 25, 2019,2019-2020 The first semester of the school year 2024 EUROPEAN CUP student cadre work summary meeting will be held in the five classrooms of the liberal arts building.。2024 EUROPEAN CUP Party Secretary Chen Rui who attended this meeting、All counselors, teachers and student unions、Members of the General Branch of the Regiment attended the meeting。

First of all, the Minister of the Minister of the 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Student Union summarized the work of this school year,Point out the shortcomings at work,and planned the work goals and working methods of the new semester。

Next, the chairman of the Student Union Yang Zhuo summarizes the work of the departments of this semester,Strict requirements for members of the Student Union,I hope to go to a higher level in the work of the new semester!

First of all, the Minister of the Communist Party Branch reports the work summary,I hope to improve work efficiency in the new semester,Provide students with better services。

Next is Zheng Jiajia, deputy secretary of the General Branch of the League, published the activity summary of the general branch department of the school year,And give affirmation and support for the work of various departments to support and cooperate with the cadres officers。

Last,Secretary Chen Rui summarized the work of the Student Union and the General Branch of the League in the past half year,and published the feeling of the work summary of the work of the ministers and the expectations of future student work。Secretary Chen Rui said that student cadres are doing things,Being able to unite sincerely,Active planning、Serious and responsible、Delicate、Practical and willing、,It guarantees the smooth development of various activities,Successfully organized various colorful activities。

During the work process,Although it has achieved recognition achievements,but also left some regrets and deficiencies。Therefore, Secretary Chen put forward requirements for future student work,I hope that the presidium leads various departments to systematize daily work、Module,Classification of various activities,To improve work efficiency,I hope that each member will enhance the team consciousness,Strengthen self -learning,Actively participate in activities,Be strictly request yourself,Efforts to improve your own quality,Actively carry out work,Strive to do more work。

At this meeting,Each department has made a detailed summary of the work of this semester,and make plans and goals for the next semester。Secretary Chen's speech inspired the enthusiasm of all student cadres,It helps to standardize the work style of student cadres and further improve the ability to work,Late the solid foundation for promoting 2024 EUROPEAN CUP students' work.。