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Happy News 丨 2024 EUROPEAN CUP won 2024 EUROPEAN Cup Qualifying Football Prediction、Excellent teaching case commendation

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At the beginning of the Chinese New Year,The battle against the new crown pneumonia is launched nationwide。To fully implement the Ministry of Education、Provincial Department of Education and our school on strengthening the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control,Actively implement the epidemic prevention and control period "stop class and stop school、Related deployment of learning without delay,Our school kicked off in the form of online teaching。Facing the new teaching mode,2024 EUROPEAN CUP actively responded to the call,Create a set of innovative "3+4" mode,That is, "3 coordinated+4 -segment closed loop" online teaching management mode (Figure 1)。Different management forms,Education's original intention is unchanged,Multiple measures、Innovation seeking changes,2024 EUROPEAN CUP really achieved the "flexible degree,Strict and stylish "。Experts inside and outside the school for review,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Online Excellent Management、Excellent teaching cases get school recognition。

Figure 1; online teaching management '3 plus 4' mode

One, 3 coordinated plans, scientifically deploy "without leaving"

Since the epidemic,General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to,Make important instructions in succession,Direction from the people's prevention and control epidemic,firm confidence,The country introduced the implementation plan of the "suspension of school",Ensure that teaching progress and teaching quality during the prevention and control of the epidemic。The school set up a leading group for the first time、Working plan for introduction,For the strength of the whole school, do the implementation of online teaching management。2024 EUROPEAN CUP fast action,Precise deployment,Established the college "Headquarters"、"Security Department" and "Special Care Department",Teachers and students "Yun" gathered "E" hall,This special reunion,It is our constant persistence。

Figure 2; Data of the Academy of Academy of Academy and Department of Learning Platform

(1) "Headquarters" grasp the confidence of the common tree

Persevere in the post bravely,Build a college teaching barrier。2024 EUROPEAN CUP quickly established the Dean、Director of the Teaching and Research Office、Teaching "Headquarters",Deployment of various teaching work during the prevention and control of the epidemic、Supervision、Safe work,Ensure that the college's teaching management has command、There is a guarantee、There is a direction。"Headquarters" cohesion,Establish confidence for the new mode of creating online teaching。On the basis of unified understanding,Adactions to the teacher's condition,Avoid "one knife and cut",Do a good job of top -level design,Scientific deployment,Make sure online teaching "do not go wrong,Not going to the same "。

Figure 3; ‘Headquarters’ online work deployment

(2) The "Security Department" fully implements the original intention

Don’t forget the original mission,Teachers and students。Our hospital has established the party secretary of the party's general branch、Counselor、Teaching "Security Department" composed of class teachers,During the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control, students can effectively carry out online supervision of online learning、Encouragement and psychological guidance。The smooth development of teaching work,It is inseparable from the state of the subject of the student。This special period of epidemic situation,Must grasp and ensure the good state of students,A wonderful foreign language feast in our hospital,Students are the protagonists!

Figure 4; ‘Security Department’ online work deployment

(3) "Special Care for the Ministry" meticulous warmth

"Zero distance" guards students。Our hospital has established the party secretary of the party's general branch、Dean、Counselor、"Special Care Department" composed of backbone teachers and students in Hubei and other areas in areas is more serious.,Take one -to -one pack,Tracking the health status of them、Ideological Education and Psychological Health Counseling,Help them solve their thoughts、Life、Academic problems and difficulties,Passing the school's care to students and parents,Give students sincerely encourage,Education guides students to fight the epidemic with a positive and optimistic mentality,laid a solid foundation for the implementation of teaching work。

Figure 5; 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Secretary、A letter from the dean to the student of Hubei

Figure 6; 2024 EUROPEAN Cup Secretary Message

Two and 4 closed loops, effectively manage "hard core body"

Before launching online teaching,The Party Secretary of the School Party Committee Yundian Army through QQ Video connecting the dean of our college,Detailed understanding of the preparation of teaching work during the epidemic situation of our hospital,and emphasize in this special period,Implement the "extension of school to school,Emphasized measures for teaching will not be postponed ",Improve political standing,Be careful and meticulous、Responsible for focusing on the "Epidemic Sniper War" and "Anti -Epidemic and School War"。And our hospital has made full deployment -carefully prepared、Accurate Implementation、Strict supervision、Practical evaluation,Hardcore teaching management mode with "4 sections of closed loop",Really won this "epidemic sniper war" and "anti -epidemic school war"!

Figure 7; School Party Secretary Yundian Jun QQ video connection, Wang Na, dean of our college

(1) Preparation stage

Our hospital has a total of 15 professional compulsory courses this semester,8 professional elective courses,3 public foreign language classes,Involved in 138 teaching classes in the school,More than 7,200 students,Weight responsibility,Weight responsibility。Since our hospital has jointly carried out online teaching resources sharing with several universities in the provinces in early 19 years,Credit mutual recognition work,With one -third of the college teachers participated in the construction of the two teams of English online course development of Hebei Province and horizontal topic universities,So teachers and students teaching online、Learning is no stranger。But in order to protect the teaching work during the epidemic,We made full preparation:

1. Established a teaching "headquarters"、Teaching "Security Department",and "Special Care Department",Trinity,The smooth implementation of the teaching management work in unison。"3" coordinated management runs through the entire management stage,Provides strong support for the smooth development of online teaching,At the same time,It also maximizes the best effect of the reunion of the new semester of teachers and students,Reflect that our college has a square in teaching、Management of surgically courage。

2. Use WeChat group、Tencent Conference and other platforms,Organization and Education Department、Provincial Department of Education and the spirit of relevant documents of the school,Multiple convening video conferences,Discussion carefully、During the planning period of the epidemic situation, the preparations for the orderly development of online teaching。

3. In the units of various teaching and research rooms,According to the characteristics of different courses,Discussion、Research、Create special online teaching methods,Innovative teaching mode。At the same time,Technical training for online teaching for teachers for teaching mode,Including rain class、Learning Pass、Tencent Classroom、QQ group classroom、Simple micro -class production (EV screen recording),At the technical level, the development of teachers' online teaching。Under the guidance of the "Security Department",The students also mastered the use of various online teaching platforms。

Figure 8; online platform technology diversified use

4. Calculating lesson、Resource sharing。Teachers' division of labor,Division of each Division,Do your best,Give full play to their respective advantages to jointly wear the best solution design of online teaching,Guarantee teaching quality,Accurately grasp the core essence,Selecting Course Content、Integrated high -quality resources。

Figure 9; Foreign language teachers carefully create online courses

5. For the congestion of the network learning platform that may occur,Our hospital specifically held dean、Teaching Supervision Group、Director of the Teaching and Research Office Video Conference,Discussion determines the emergency plan。During the formal teaching period,This move played a positive role。The actual development phase of online teaching,Pre -preparation,Update in time。

Formally before the start of school, teachers and students are required to conduct teaching practice on various online teaching platforms,Test various functions。Adjust your teaching plan and design for the situation。Teachers are fully prepared in advance,Select reasonable teaching methods and teaching resources,Scientific arrangement curriculum hours,Promote smoothly and orderly。

(2) Implementation stage

On February 24th, online teaching of our school officially carried out,Teachers are fully prepared in the early stage,Online teaching goes well。Since teaching since online,Teachers of the whole hospital strive to concentric,Efforts to achieve the curriculum carving,Classroom wonderful presentation。

1. The first lesson of "Life Education" in the whole hospital。Take the epidemic as the starting point,Feeling home feelings、The concept of the shape of core values ​​and other curriculum ideas and politics integrates in English teaching。

2. Teachers in our college mainly use QQ group classrooms、WeChat Group+Tencent Classroom+Rain Class、QQ group voice live broadcast (share screen)+Learning Pass+Micro lesson,and online teaching methods based on self -built Mu class resources+online teaching platform (learning pass)+Tencent classroom。Oral English speaking in our hospital has played a positive role,Views have exceeded 960,000 people in the past two months,The number of online learning is about 4,000 people,Chosen as an online teaching course by more than 500 universities across the country。

Figure 10; oral English online tutorial

3. No matter what kind of teaching method is adopted,Our hospital requires teachers to release pre -class pre -class、Teaching interactive efficiency in the class、Guidance under the lesson does not leave dead corners。Online、Unified online teaching standards,Always adhere to the teaching principle of "life -oriented"。Encourage teachers to strengthen online interaction,Teachers show their magical powers,Use Lianmai、Barrage、Read on the line、Answer questions、Questionnaire、Topics Discussion、There are awards such as award -winning quiz,"Lord" for realizing students' learning。

Figure 11; before class, in the class, and at the end of the class closed -loop teaching

4. The backbone teachers of each teaching room are based on actual teaching,Feedback of the supervision group and students,Actively write a series of cases of online teaching curriculum design for teachers to learn for reference。Online teaching methods can be flexible and changeable,but must guarantee the standard scale,Avoid teachers' simplified class,Eliminate the self -flow of students。Ensure that the implementation is not biased,Flexible and not violated。

Figure 12; basic English online teaching steps

5. Since the development of online teaching, our college has opened 780.,A total of 59,800 students should be at the number of students listening to,Actually, the number of students from the class 59652,The average to -to -less lesson rate is 99.75%。Teacher's course "dry goods" full,Students are active and enthusiastic。Teachers and students group,Holdings,Ensure that the online teaching of the whole hospital has been developed steadily and orderly。

Figure 13; Student online learning records

6. Graduation thesis guidance work orderly advance。According to the college graduation thesis work plan,As of February 20th, 124 graduates of the 2020s of the 2020s all submitted the first draft,Instructor actively modify、Time to feedback,Make sure that graduates' thesis work is constantly file。

(3) Supervision phase

1. In order to ensure the quality of online teaching quality during the epidemic、Checking work,Our hospital insists on the hospital、Teaching and Research Room、Supervision Group、Student Information Officer Level 4 Supervision System。Since the beginning of school, the college supervision team has entered various online classrooms to conduct supervision work for all 46 teachers in our college,Summary in time、Feedback,Provide constructive opinions。Supervision coverage rate reaches 100%,Guarantee teaching inspection is normalized。

2. The college uses questions to teach teachers online、Student online learning to investigate and track,Timely discover problems existing in online teaching,Learn the effectiveness of online teaching。The college analyzes and feedback the survey results,Effective use of the survey results,Continuous improvement online teaching。

Figure 14; Student Network Satisfaction Survey

3. Communicate with student information officers to understand the online teaching and learning situation of teachers and students twice a week,Real -time mastering the real situation of the line of teaching。At the same time, according to the problems reflected at the same time,Constantly improving teaching quality。

4. Our hospital insists on day report,Week summary。Fill in the teaching log in time after each teacher (including class time、Student attendance、​​How to class、Detailed class content and teaching reflection in this lesson、Student learning feedback, etc.),Director of the Teaching and Research Office will be reported to the teaching supervision team after summarizing the teaching log,The teaching supervision group combined with the online teaching supervision situation summarized the work of the day、Feedback。Every week, the college teaching supervision team summarizes this week's teaching situation through video conferences。Put forward improvement opinions,Feedback to the teacher,so that the teacher can adjust the teaching plan in time。

(4) Evaluation phase

The college passes through learning、Rain Class、Ask online technology platform and other online technology platforms,View teaching dynamics in real time,Timely understanding the implementation of teaching,Share and promote excellent teaching methods and modes,Discover and solve problems encountered,Make up for deficiencies。Adhering to the development of development and incentives,Let the online teaching evaluation achieve normalized management。

Figure 15; Four teachers of our college were rated as the learning platform 'teaching star'

1. Give people fish,Guiding Learning。Epidemic factors,All the contents of "knowledge level" are transferred to online network,Students' way of getting knowledge is rich and colorful,No longer limited and classroom。Through time supervision,Learn from teachers,Are you still teaching with a single content。To teach students to learn,Give it fish,Absorbing the latest concept,Church students learn efficiently。

Figure 16;

2. Create opportunities,Promoting reflection。The premise of good class is to prepare for class,Online teaching will give play to the best work to the best。Teachers in the whole hospital carefully study textbooks and students,Learning and mastering the online platform technology,The entire teaching process is novel and fulfilling。In this process,Created a lot of excellent teaching cases,Our hospital sharing and exchanges for the whole hospital,Let more teachers integrate into new ideas、New information,Promote mutual improvement in communication and reflection。

Figure 17; Student class feedback

Careful preparation、Accurate Implementation、Strict supervision、Practical evaluation,Further optimize the preparation content based on the evaluation,Movement layer,ring tightly,Regulatory operation of all systems、Orderly advance、No dead angle supervision,shows the "hard core" essence of teaching management of our college。

Third, the epidemic goes to the house, online and offline "mixed road"

Online teaching period,Teacher incarnates "anchor",Students become "Old Iron",Student brushing 666,This recognition,From the side, highlight the responsibility and enthusiasm of teachers' teaching and educating people。Although online teaching is a temporary move,But it provides many feasible ideas and measures,When the epidemic is available,Online and offline hybrid teaching is a more ideal teaching mode。Teachers of appointment must conduct scientific and reasonable organizational design according to the characteristics of the teaching course,Person online and offline mode,"Education for Lesson"。Real -time integration of online data,Meet time upload information、View after -school homework、View the needs of the course multiple times;,Check the missing shortage。The orderly teaching of the whole courtyard is progressing smoothly,The practice of online teaching is also followed by subsequent lame lessons、The development and application of modern teaching technologies such as virtual simulation teaching has accumulated experience。

"3+4" mode is based on online and offline hybrid teaching mode,Teaching mode that has evolved from the special needs of the epidemic period。3 parts of the online teaching mode with a coordinated+4 -segment closed loop,It is the "Xinxin Pill" of online teaching smoothly and smoothly in our hospital,It is also the reunion of teachers and students of our college、The "strong heart agent" adhered to the original heart。Difficulties and things are obvious,Delivery at the time of crisis。All teachers of our hospital will be in this "epidemic" without smoke,Persist in the original intention of educating people,Yong Daren、Dare to act as。Teachers and students' ideas collision,Hug this new teaching management model together!