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Civilized Campus,Yangshi College 丨 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Civilized Education Education Month Series Activity -the theme of all student cadres

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Civilized Campus,Yangshi College 丨 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Civilized Education Education Month Series Activity -the theme of all student cadres

October for our school's "Civilized Polite Education Month",Since the launch of this event,2024 EUROPEAN CUP all teachers and students attach great importance to,Through class meeting、group lesson and other forms,Multi -angle has carried out a full range of civilized etiquette theme education。For this,2020year10month9Day evening,2024 EUROPEAN CUP specifically held a "Creative Civilized Campus,All Student Cadre Conferences with the theme of Yangshi College,As 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Civilized Education Education Series Summary,and fight for students for students from foreign hospitals to create a civilized etiquette.,Putting higher requirements for the next stage of civilized etiquette education activities。2024 EUROPEAN CUP Secretary of the Party Branch Chen Rui is the speaker of the conference,Counselor of all grades attend the meeting,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Student Union、Student cadres of the General Branch of the League,Class committees and dormitory heads of each class all attended。

At the beginning of the meeting, Secretary Chen Rui proposed four content:One "month"、Two "reach the standard"、3 "Improve"、Four "Save"。One "month" refers,In this process,The school will select a civilized pacesetter,This civilized pace represents the dual recognition of the school and the college。The first reaching standard in the "reaches the standard" refers to Cangzhou City is now in the stage of civilization and creation,and our school is located in Cangzhou City,It is also necessary to make your own contribution to the creation of a civilized city。The second standard is the title of our school will compete for the "National Civilization Campus",and our school's goal is inseparable from everyone's efforts。3 "Promotion" refers to learning、Ability、Professional three aspects。10month18number to10month21number,Experts from the Ministry of Education will enter our school,Performing preschool education in our school's education college。During this period, students must strictly abide by the school's rules and regulations,Absolutely not allowed phenomenon of violations of regulations and discipline。Four "saving" mainly refers to energy saving、Water -saving、power saving、Four aspects of festival rice。"One porridge, one meal,It is not easy to think about it;Semi -silk and half -rays,Hengnian material resources hard。"CD -ROM operation is not just a slogan,It is also a kind of effort and savings、Advocating the cherished attitude and habit of life。

Next,Secretary Chen Rui put forward earnest expectations for the student cadres of the three groups who attended the meeting。Student cadres of the Student Union and the General Branch of the League must have gall and consciousness,Dedication of Dedication; all class committees must have courage and conspiracy,Diligence and hardworking;,Unite and concentric。

Subsequent,Secretary Chen emphasized,Student cadres must deal with the relationship between learning and work,To set an excellent example for students,Never having a hanging subject。

Last,Secretary Chen said,Talk about civilization and polite,Two Lectures on Responsibility,Three Lectures Awareness,Four Lecture Team Spirit,These four aspects will reflect our new era 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Qualifying Football Predictions College Students' features,We want to promote our learning style,Establish a new style of civilization of our school。

Ancient people: "The reason why mortals are expensive than beasts,Gift ",Civilization is a quality,Is a kind of cultivation,Civilization needs long -term training,Education of thought,Guide to public opinion,System constraints,But in the final analysis, the specifications of our self -behavioral。Learning high as a teacher,Body is Fan。As a teacher,It should be stricter than self -discipline,End with virtue。Living in the same city,Love a home together。Let us actively respond to the call of Cangzhou City to create a civilized city,Being a polite teacher,Yang Wenming Teacher Courtyard!