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The launching ceremony and experience exchange meeting of the learning mutual assistance group is successful

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At 7 pm on November 6, 2020,Six Classrooms in the Liberal Arts Tower,Chen Rui, the secretary of the 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Party Branch, and the advocacy of the 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Dean Wang Na and the support of the cadres of the student union,The launching ceremony of the "Learning Mutual Assistance Group" and "Learning Experience Exchange" activity achieved a complete successful success。Under the call of the hospital leader,The members of the Student Union adhere to the principle of "strict", "fine", "deep", "real", "fast",Strict requirements with high standards,Make sure that every link in the event is accurate and correct。

In the early stage of the event,In order to convey the instructions of the leaders of the institute "strict", "fine", "deep", "real", "fast",The student union officer held a meeting in advance,Persist in strict standards、Strict requirements,Strictly follow,A reasonable and detailed deployment of all aspects of the event,Starting from the actual situation of our hospital,The purpose and significance of conducting a learning mutual assistance group and an experience sharing exchange meeting,Ideas has improved the understanding and understanding of each member's understanding and understanding of this activity。This activity aims to stimulate students' learning interest,Summary learning experience,For students can help each other in future learning、mutual promotion and mutual advancement、Efficient learning to provide a good opportunity,helps to create a strong learning atmosphere for our hospital,Form a good learning atmosphere。

During the event,Student Union Learning Department Minister English Class 2 Wang Yuhan as the host of this event,She introduced the activity process in detail to all classmates。First,"Teacher Teacher" on behalf of Guo Jianye came to the stage and made a speech,He profoundly clarified the meaning of carrying out the mutual assistance group,He thinks,This event helps enhance the cooperation consciousness of students、Improve learning ability、Deepen the concept of collectivism,It is helpful for students to promote mutual promotion、Cooperation and win -win。He introduced his learning experience to his classmates,and said that I will continue to restrain myself with strict standards in the future,Strive to improve your comprehensive ability while helping others。Then,The representative of the members of the mutual assistance group Fan Jiapeng made a speech,The classmate's speech is sincere humorous,From "Why Learn", "Who Learn", "How to Learn",profoundly explained how to learn effective in the future、Efficient learning。At the same time,He expressed his deep gratitude to his detailed guidance of "little teacher",and said that it will definitely cooperate with it,Starting from its own actual situation,Putting the learning experience and methods taught by Teacher Teacher to implementation。Last,The representative of the Student Union Learning Department Sun Jiajia made a speech,She closely rectifies the study style around our hospital、Working Center for strengthening learning style,It is true、The purpose of serving students,Promote each other、The concept of common development,clarify the original intention of establishing a learning mutual assistance group,It shows that this activity aims to enter the form of advanced band,In -depth promotion of the overall progress of our students in learning,Sun Jiajia said,The convening of this event is inseparable from the active cooperation of the leaders of the hospital and all teachers and students,Each organizer、Participants should depart from our hospital,To be honest and pragmatic,Treat this activity carefully,Not affordable to look forward,Work hard to achieve good results。

At the learning experience exchange meeting,Liu Xinyu、Tian Jinghan、Cui Zhixin、Liu Junlin、Tian Jinghan、Zhang Xue、Hua Xinxin、Hu Yijing and other outstanding student representatives make speeches in turn,Summarized and shared your own learning experience。They listen to、Say、Read、Write four aspects in depth、Introduce my learning experience in detail,From changing learning mentality、Change learning attitude、Mastering the learning method: Three aspects of the learning method clarified to the students how we should treat learning correctly,How to be fast、Efficient learning。At the same time,They said,It will definitely implement the leader's entrustment,Establish a learning mutual aid plan as soon as possible,Seeking truth and pragmatic,mutual promotion and mutual advancement,Make it obvious results。

After the event is over,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Secretary of the Party Branch Chen Rui made a meeting summarized,Secretary Chen's speech is profound and powerful,Learning experience shared by students as "Wen Di Knowing New、Cooked can make coincidence "。Secretary Chen pointed out,Insufficient insufficient after learning,Know the trap after teaching,Teaching phase long,The two complement each other,The establishment of the learning mutual assistance group has a certain positive significance for the "little teacher" and the students。Another,Students should take learning as a kind of interest,Students should be awe to learn,Love learning,Actively explore the fun of learning,Can't respect to study and far away。At the same time,Secretary Chen proposed expectations for students,Emphasized the warm knowing the new,Preview before class、Study in class、Review after class is three links for learning,Lack of one is not allowed,Otherwise, "learning chain" in English language learning will be interrupted,Can't reach the expected effect。As a student of 2024 EUROPEAN CUP,Learning English well is not just the basic requirements of students from foreign hospitals,It will become an excellent teacher in the future to be based on the life of the society,Secretary Chen borrowed the example of "Ding Ding Jie Niu",Emphasize the importance of repeated learning。English is a tool for understanding the world,It is not just a job,even career。Last,Secretary Chen stated,She is "Little Teacher"、Aid student and student union's learning department like,and hope that the activity can be implemented for a long time,Looking forward to seeing the rapid progress of our students。

The ancients have clouds: learning can not be available。This activity is conducive to stimulating students' learning interest,Make students master more、Fast、More efficient learning methods,The learning and work of our hospital has played a promotion role quickly。We have to persist in implementation for a long time,Efforts to create a strong learning atmosphere of 2024 EUROPEAN CUP,Form a good learning atmosphere,Comprehensively improve the overall learning strength of our students。We firmly believe,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Future Expire,The Tomorrow of the Teachers' Academy will be more brilliant!