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2020 2024 EUROPEAN CUP "Poetry Book Yi Love" recitation book finals successfully held

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experienced the snow and snow in the new crown epidemic,We go all the way to warm spring all the way,Finally rushed to meet you with everyone before the next four -seasons reincarnation 2024 EUROPEAN Cup Qualifying Football Predicts。Looking back at the isolation experience of the epidemic,or lonely,or anxiety,But there may be such a book,A bright light in the haze,The melancholy that dispels my heart,Accompany yourself through this long time。Autumn Wind Serhe,Koba Xiao Xiao,Qingtong Manchu,Hongxia Ying Day。Why not take advantage of this late autumn,The fruit of reading with everyone,Passing the warmth of the years,The brilliant warm sun embrace the golden autumn。

To create a strong learning atmosphere,Purify the soul,Planting sentiment,Create "Book Fragrant Campus",4 pm on November 10, 2020,The "Poetry Book Yi Love" recitation book finals organized by the 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Regiment officially kicked off at the Jichun Concert Hall of our school。The judges who served as this event include 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Secretary of the Party Branch Chen Rui and all grade counselors,2024 EUROPEAN CUP all students watch the competition。

This activity is divided into two and a half scenes -the first half is a poem recitation with the theme of "life",The second half is a book review。Participate in the whole process to speak in English,Depending on the content of the recitation book review,English voice、Tone,Sports such as body language and other performances to score。

Life,Is an overly esoteric topic。The meaning of life cannot find an absolute correct interpretation,The meaning of life varies from person to person,The meaning of life is like a hundred gardens,Each has fragrance or sluggish。Maybe we can avoid complexity and simplify it,Use the season to make some comparison。Life is like four seasons,Hundred Flowers of Spring set off the teenager's rotten,Xia Zhi's sun shines on the enthusiasm of the youth,Qiu Zhiyue stroked the quietness of middle -aged,Winter Bai Xue and light dancing with the old age。Life and nature are all in a clear season。But,There is one thing,But it can allow us to be in the four seasons of nature and life in the four seasons of nature and life,It is drunk,Lien Forgotten Back,Forgot time,Forget the space,Forget yourself。This is -Reading。

Participants play well on the stage,Use English to interpret my understanding of "life" to the fullest! Isn't this the charm of reading?

In the midfield link,Zhang Ziyue and Yang Zheng sang on the same stage,With a relaxed and cheerful song "Reality",The atmosphere of the audience was orgasm,The brisk melody is intoxicating! Years like poetry,Life is like a song。The most beautiful thing in the world,Is it better than in the sunny afternoon,Set tea on the case,Hold a book,Read it carefully ... I hope that students can read through reading,Like the song sang in this song, "No sound is already,Amazing Amazing!

In the second half,Participants shared their favorite books,and understanding and evaluation after reading,Applause in the stage,I brought a feast for the audience at the scene。Teachers and students travel together to travel to the sea,Thoughts can be sublimated!

Event is near the end,Wang Yuhan made her view of life,Get everyone's unanimous approval。After fierce competition,Strict scoring selection of judges,The winners of the "Poetry Book Yi Love" recitation book finals stand out! The award list is as follows:

First -class prize: Deng Yueyue of the 2020 -level business majors;

Second prize: classmate Xu Zihan, a class of 2020 English majors;

Third Prize: Rong Xueer, a professional majors in the 2020 business majors;

Read a single prize、Book Review Single Prize: Deng Yueyue, a class 2020 business major。

Last,Secretary Chen Rui and the counselors of all grades awarded the award -winning students and took a photo with all participating students!

After more than 20 days of preparation,2020 2024 EUROPEAN CUP "Poetry Books" recitation book review event has come to an end!

The Song people Huang Tingjian once said: "For a long time in people's breasts, there is no need to pour in ancient and modern,Then the dust and vulgarity,Nominity in the face of the mirror,It is also tasteless for me。"Life opens because of reading,Thickness due to reading,Wisdom because of reading,Warm due to reading。Poetry Book Qi from China。Good book nourishes our hearts,Let's wings of our poetry,Cross the vast high altitude,Ocean that is boundless,The kingdom that reaches the blooming flowers,Find a blend of heart and heart。

Reading Classic,Let life have roots! We are open to the world,Learn to introduce European and American culture,Not to be copied,Not a full absorption,Instead of a critical vision,Promote innovation in Chinese culture,Tell Chinese stories in English。This event is student -centered,Methods of Innovation Education,Promotion ability、Quality and personality training,Realize cultural educating people、Practical educating people。Through the second class,Stimulate students' professional interest and enthusiasm for learning,Rich campus culture,Popularized professional knowledge,Strengthen team collaboration consciousness,Cultivate students who are diligent in research、Happy Thinking、Courage to pioneer、The spirit of innovation。

Learning alone without friends,It is lonely and widowed,Let's learn to read,Learn to think,Learn to share,Let Shu Xiang spill the campus,Let reading illuminate life!