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2024 EUROPEAN CUP The 6th Foreign Language Festival is successfully carried out -broadcast competition and game link

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In order to improve the English level of 2024 EUROPEAN CUP students,Rich campus life,Enhance the feelings of students,Participation,Rich students' extra -curricular life,2024 EUROPEAN CUP inNovember 28, 2020 held a radio competition and game link in the four classrooms of the Liberal Arts Tower Staircase。

2024 EUROPEAN CUP's students all show their skills,Actively participate in the broadcast competition,First of all, the contestants came to the stage to draw,Then the players come to power in turn,Play the original video for the audience,Broadcasting again。All players are displayed,The judges score in turn,Calculate the average score,The list of winners of the competition。During the competition,Each player is excellent,Pure speaking,Emotional in place。

After the game,At the game link,Students actively raise their hands to participate in the game。A classmate points to a direction in the air,,Participants need to twist their heads in the opposite direction,Some students in the process responded quickly,Some students react"Slow",Each student is very happy,The students in the stage also cooperate,Happy laughter is full of classrooms,The atmosphere is very active。

The end of the period,Hold this event to relax before the exam,By the way, internalization improves English level,Rich campus cultural life,Let students experience the joy of learning English,Feel the charm of English。In the construction of campus culture,Spiritual culture is the purpose,Material culture is a way and carrier for the purpose of achieving the purpose。Campus Culture Festival is an important part of campus culture construction。Campus English culture is an important part of college campus culture,It has cross -cultural communication ability、Compound talents with international vision play a very important role。The important impact of campus English culture on students' English learning has been recognized and valued by the education community。College activities have promoted the implementation of the quality expansion plan of college students,Encourage students to use their imagination and creativity,Highlight 2024 EUROPEAN CUP Application type、Internationalized features,Promoting the booming development of campus English culture。

The annual foreign language festival,Rich in the event、Diverse forms,Participants are students in the whole college。Hold English drama、English speech and other series of activities,Formation of English on campus、A good environment in English。The language environment is vital to the learning of English。If students learn only in classroom learning,Lack of environment and opportunities that use the language knowledge learned in practice,It is difficult to quickly improve the level of English and the teaching effect。Foreign Language Festival by creating and creating a loose campus English cultural atmosphere,Let students have the second class to learn English,Can be integrated into English learning anytime, anywhere,Not only can it expand classroom teaching,Strengthen classroom knowledge,Let students listen to English、Say、Read、The actual application ability of writing; it can also broaden students' English learning channels,New place、Develop students' language potential,Make English teaching from teachers' classroom teaching as the main to diversified、Media,No time and place limit,Highlight personalization、The direction of active learning。

Foreign Language Festival provides more places and opportunities for students' extra -curricular English learning,Meet the needs of students' English learning,Improving students' learning interest and learning efficiency,Keep them continuously improve,Directors,Promote it to meet the needs of social development、Outstanding talents of composite type。