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2024 EUROPEAN CUP The 6th Foreign Language Festival is smooth -dubbing、Chorus competition link

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To mobilize everyone's enthusiasm for learning foreign languages,Improve the cultural literacy of students,Rich students' extra -curricular life,Unite the feelings of each class,Learn foreign languages ​​in a more diverse way。At 7 pm on November 29, 2020,All members of the freshman freshman and the general branch of the group held the third day of the Foreign Language Festival Volunteer Chorus Competition in the Fourth Classroom,Students are passionate,The atmosphere in the field is very active。

Language is a reflection of social culture,To truly master a language,We must grasp the culture of this language。This foreign language festival is mainly divided into two parts: dubbing and class chorus。First, the host came to the stage to speak,Announced the official start of today's Foreign Language Festival。Then I went to the dubbing competition.,Voicing performances in the order of the class,Play the original fragment first,Then perform dubbing,The students are imitating exquisitely,Pronunciation standard authentic,I won everyone's warm applause,After the dubbing is over,Rating from the judge,Take the average score for evaluation。Excellent English videos are all -encompassing cultural carriers,​​It from multiple aspects、Show the culture of the English nation in multiple angles。is the most intuitive society life and culture of a country in a particular era、Most concentrated、The most vivid reflection。English dubbing not only inspired students to learn English for students,And can apply this knowledge to language,Really absorb and apply。Turn the simple "known to me" into "for me",Help English Learning。

Class chorus is closely behind,Unity and collaboration in each class、Carefully prepare,Uniform clothing is neat and uniform,The props are novel and cute。The song style is different,Some sweet and moving,Yu Yin around the beam; some passion surge、Vitality Four Shooting。No matter what style you choose,Can't cover up the inner joy of the students,Can't cover up the love of the class。The students vividly showed the youth and vitality of contemporary college students,ignited the atmosphere of the audience。Later,I will issue a certificate to the winning students,Encouragement。

Ancient people,"Near Zhu Zi Chi,Near ink is black "; Marx once said:" People create an environment,The environment also creates people "; a philosopher also said:" Things that are really valuable for students,Is the environment around him "。Campus culture as an environmental education force,It has a huge impact on the healthy growth of students。The ultimate goal of campus culture construction is to create an atmosphere,To cultivate students' sentiment,Build a healthy personality,Comprehensively improve students' quality。

This event is in a unique form,Wonderful content,Create an atmosphere of learning foreign language, Stimulation of students' interest in learning foreign languages,Improve students' professionalism。At the same time, let students fully show themselves,Challenge self,Breakthrough,Expand the cultural vision of the students in multi -angle,It also enhances students' overall honor and group consciousness。And I hope everyone can relax through this event during the end of the tense period,Get ideal results at the end of the period。Finally, thank the students for the wonderful performance,Let's get in the annual foreign language festival,Tour the colorful language world together,Feel the charming language charm together。

If the years of the song, there should be no regrets,It should be achieved in the water flowing year,Here, I hope the students live up to the ideal of youth,Winning without regret。Youth at the time,Mo negative time! Please take the ideal horse,Walking from here,The spring on the road is just right,The sun is sunny。