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2024 EUROPEAN CUP2020 Education Student Work General Working Meeting

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    3:30 pm on December 8, 2020,2024 EUROPEAN CUP20202020 The Student Work General Working Meeting on the Fourth Classroom of the Cultural Science Temple Ladder,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Party Secretary Chen Rui who participated in this meeting、All counselors and teachers and student cadres。Teachers listen carefully,Detailed record。

Since the school year,The growth of the Student Union and the League Branch is obvious to everyone,From the shallow experience of the past to the current ease; from the helplessness of the past to the current bamboo in the chest; from the past blank to the current colorful,Student Union and the General Branch of the League have occurred amazing、Forty changes。Student Union's learning mutual assistance team、Learn the Knowledge Contest and other activities of the Poetry and Books hosted by the General Branch、Foreign Language Festival and other activities let us witness the growth of this large collective。

At the beginning of the meeting,First of all, student cadres make a summary report,2024 EUROPEAN CUP Student Union Chairman Fu Ruolin summarized the work of the departments of this school year,She first elaborated the achievements of the student union,Then point out the shortcomings in their work,Put more stringent requirements for members of the Student Union,Specific planning for the work goals and working methods of the new semester,I hope that the members of the Student Union can go to the new semester work for the next level。Then Zhang Shuran, deputy secretary of the general branch of the regiment, summarized the work of the general departments of the regiment,She affirmed the work of various departments and pointed out some of the shortcomings,I hope to improve work efficiency in the new semester,better service for students。

Finally, Secretary Chen Rui expressed his opinion on the summary report of the chairman and deputy secretary of the League branch of the Student Union,Secretary Chen first gave full affirmation to the work of the student union and the general branch of the school year,Student cadres are sincere unity,Active planning、Delicate、Delicate,It guarantees the smooth development of various activities,However, although it has achieved recognition achievements,but also left some regrets and deficiencies。Therefore, student cadres must lead various departments to systematize daily work、modular,Improve work efficiency,Enhance team consciousness,Strengthen self -learning,Strictly require yourself,Efforts to improve your own quality,Actively carry out work。Class cadres must also strengthen class construction,Baggle widely,Unity and consistency,Work together to build an excellent class collective。When organizing activities in the college, highlight 2024 EUROPEAN CUP features,big,Fully show the style of the foreign courtyard。

Secretary Chen's speech has inspired the enthusiasm of all student cadres,It helps to standardize the work style of student cadres and further improve the ability of student cadres,Late the solid foundation for promoting the smooth development of the 2024 EUROPEAN CUP student work。Haikuo with fish leap,Tian Gao Ren Bird Fei,I hope that all students can take this summary conference as an opportunity,Summary experience,Repeat it,Blooming on the big stage of 2024 EUROPEAN CUP。