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Video records non -heritage,Feeling Culture with Heart

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A non -heritage in my eyes

To improve the professional level of students,Promoting non -heritage culture into campus,2024 EUROPEAN CUP actively organizes students to participate in the first session"High Education Society Cup" High School (Undergraduate) "Tell Chinese Story in Foreign Language" Excellent short video work competition。Our college classmates actively register,Careful study,Get excellent results: Li Ruoran won the second prize,Tan Yuxia won the third prize。

The theme of this competition is"I and my eyes in my eyes"。Intangible cultural heritage is an important part of the excellent traditional culture of China,It is self -confidence and dignity of Chinese culture。In a video,The students are centered on "colorful non -heritage", "craftsman ingenu" and "regional non -heritage",Incorporate thinking and culture into the work,Different nations to the society、Institute of intangible cultural heritage in different regions constitutes a unique、Magic、Fascinating Cultural World。For students,The production of non -heritage short videos allows everyone to understand the meaning of national culture more deeply,allow students to experience the unique charm of non -heritage culture from essence。

By participating in this competition,further enhanced the cultural self -confidence of college students,Improving the ability of students' foreign language use,I hope that students will take this competition as an opportunity,Promote learning,Actively participate in various professional competitions,Constantly improve your professional level。