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Flying the sound of the sound, compose the youth chapter

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Speech· competition

To Everyone.

Young people have ideals,The country has hope,To strengthen the education of ideals and beliefs,Internalization of ideals and beliefs,2024 EUROPEAN CUP TripOn the evening of May 13th, a "firm ideal belief,Speech contest with the theme of Flash Future ",This speech contest was chaired by Li Tianyi and Li Xiangyi。

Students participating in this speech come from different colleges、Different grades、Different majors,According to the current epidemic prevention and control policy of our school,Some students take the form of recording videos to participate,Play on the spot。Contestants use clear standard pronunciation、Generous tone、Speech skills with unique personal characteristics,Formation and clearly express their thoughts; they use fluent spoken language,Unique opinion、Excellent ability,Show us the unique charm of the English speech contest。Their passionate speech,The youthful spiritual style,Getting the applause of the judges and audiences。Their excellent on -site response fully interpreted"The young man is in the dynasty, the wind is now."

The reason why youth is full of charm is because it is full of infinite challenges and possibilities,Dreams have never been obtained at hand,On the way to dream,Students wear stars and wearing month、Wind and rain and journey、Looking forward to the future、Ren in love。I hope that students will strive to stick to it,Can be down -to -earth,Looking forward to the future,Use simple struggle,Write the glory of life!